Re: Timothy, different approach is needed

Dear Timothy,

In your reply to Mike’s ‘I have had enough’ is an implicit conspiracy theory of capitalism. The comments are color blind in an idealistic dualism using the colourful analysis’ of a dialectical materialism. The dualism sees capitalism painted in erroneous black and communism portrayed in perfect white. Dig deep and a rational premise shared by both models appears in the thread of Machiavelli’s “universal ego”, Hobbes’ “rational ego” and Hegel’s’ “sacroegoismo”—and is simply summarized as a negative view of human nature using idealistic absolute ends justifying the realpolitik of any-which-way means. Using dialectic (not dualism) humanity needs a positive worldview and hypothesis sublating the collective ego of capitalism and the collective ego of communism.  

William Hayes

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova