Letter: Sometimes a success story but not often

Some 9 years ago I put in an ad for a friend in the Moscow newspapers called “Hand to Hand” and the ad read something like "I want to meet a socialist woman that understands suffering and compassion for possible friendship". Well then the internet was not very popular but I still got over 1000 responses.

I picked 3 women to communicate with: a former diplomat, a rich bitch-(new Russian) and a teacher, concert violinist. Well, the former diplomat was a true intellectual but I decided I could not split the atom for breakfast every morning, (the rich Russian bitch swindler family) was MAD constantly dying her hair like the weather, so it was to be that eventually I married the teacher, concert violinist.
Well she was not rich but also fortunate enough to be what was left of the Russian middle class at that time.

Anyway kicking and dragging I brought her to Australia. That was a very very hard job to do since the Gov. here is racists, in fact it is pretty well known that immigration seems to be particularly worried about Australian men and there general pattern of marrying foreigners from other country's and rejecting the shallow superficial values of Australian women in general.
Finally after some very important people helped in arranging her visa to arrive here, we were finally united in Sydney.

The first lesson is when you arrive in Australia and are a professional such as a person with a degree. You first Pay the federal Gov. to recognize your qualifications. You do not go to the state level and ask them to re-asses your foreign qualifications.

They will really make sure in the term "not having the appropriate Australian teaching or what ever experience.”

In other words "you’re a second class professional citizen".
Over here in the case of the teaching profession, Australian Anglo women have the jobs and power, you are then, immigrant class delegated as a teacher’s aid on a temporary basis or if you’re lucky enough to have your teaching number and your ability will be recognized you will get casual hard work but no permanent status.

The schools will never pick you, over a born here Anglo Celtic. Well what do you do? Very simple; you need to wait for years to get your Australian citizenship do a post graduate with an Australian university and then and only then you may have a chance to be hired full time or taking on a year contract. The teachers here get about $40,000 here on average.

The above is exactly what we had to do to insure my wife's dignity and prosperity and that only happened because I am a professional legally trained with many connections.

Suffice to say dear Russian women, life in the West is not a bed of roses. You will be humiliated here and you will be a second class citizen. It then begs the questions is it better in Russia?, Answer; No, at least not at the present, when whores get paid more than doctors., you know there is something very wrong!!. But then Mr. Putin is trying , its not easy having to rescue your country from the purposeful attacks America and Israel planned for Russian after Gorby sold Russia down the river and that prostitute Boris sold it to the oligarchs.

My fondest wish is good luck my beloved Russia and her people. You deserve the best!!                



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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov