Charles Fargo: Paradoxes of Bush's government

Recently, I received a letter from the National Republican Committee.  In matters pertaining to the re-election of presidantal incumbant George W. Bush.  The letters contents consisted of two pages.  The second page contained a survey to be filled out and returned.  One question near the end of the survey stood out rather boldly.  In asking, Should the Bush Administration revitalize research and devolopment  of the (SDI) program from the Ronald Reagan years during the 1980's?  It contained options to the receipiant of answering yes or no to the question.   Hmmm,  (SDI)?   Wasn't this a proposed weapon of distruction mounted on a space platform? To operate in a defensive mode?  Didn't experts within the science community, claim that the proposed program (SDI), of intended design would not work?  With the question alone on possibly renewing (SDI) by the United States.  Where does this stand within the G-8 summits? If at all these summits continue. Were there not issues also pertaining to, space science to be dedicated to peaceful programs to benefit humanity?  
When SDI was first proposed, intentional design at the onset, was to destroy ICBM weapons carrying nuclear warheads, in space before returning to the earths surface.  Later the conception of partical beam lasers were added to proposed working SDI platforms.  Hmmm.  Therefore a defensive platform becomes a weapon of destruction of any predetermined target.  Aimed at the surface of the earth.
Given to media accounts in the past fews months.  Claims to the expenses of  the American government, with its current war on terrorism and paranoia of  what and where are Weapons Of Mass Destruction.  Where will The US government find the finances to fund this possibly proposed (SDI)?  This year it has allocated  less then 15 million US dollars to its own space program, NASA.    To include, recently Russia again was left to servicing the international space station. With a crew change?  May I question the finanical aspects of this recent endeaver.  Whom covered the cost? 
In my formed opinions, given to overviews of international events in the past three years.  Those opinions, I have. I am finding many situations that are creating oxymorons.  To say the least in the area of (WMD's) and the stance that my own government here in America has in the mannor.  I am seeing one paradox after another.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova