DPRK: The other side of the story

Chemicals explosion provides biased media with perfect gift.
What a meal they made of the disaster in Pyongyang last Thursday, when two goods trains laden with chemicals and oil exploded after coming into contact with power lines, blasting everything within 200 meters of the railway lines, including a school, into vapor.

The vocabulary was all there - "secretive", "regime", "closed", "communist" ,"bankrupt" as were the references to the perilous state of the economy in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and to the inadequate state of the hospitals.

The first point is, how prepared is any provincial hospital anywhere for a large-scale incident which kills 160 people and leaves 1,300 injured? The second point is that the DPR Korea has had to live with sanctions, directed by Washington, which place a stranglehold on its economy and deprive large areas of the country of electricity.

The same happened in Iraq and the same goes for Cuba. Washington places a tourniquet around the throat of a government it decides it does not like (because it is communist or because it will not allow Washington to control
its economy), strangles it and then proclaims to the world that the said government or system does not work.

Of course. With sanctions, what can? The realpolitik practiced by Washington is as sinister as it is sly, under-handed and downright cruel. First deprive a country of whatever it needs to function, then create problems (by strafing infra-structures, by spreading dissent, by non-cooperation) and then proclaim that such a system is evil or anti-democratic.

How democratic was Bush when he chided Zapatero for practicing democracy, following the will of his people and taking the Spanish troops out of Iraq?

Who can blame the DPR Korea for not trusting Washington or its lackey to the south, after so many years of interference?

Click here to see the photos of the trains explosion in North Korea. 

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov