Charles Fargo: "I am better than you" attitude

Only in America, as it seems... It is the favorite past time of its citizens to pick on in which some one else is doing or what they have or have not.  Mainly an attitude of “I am better then you” is projected when a fellow citizen in America is attempting to undermine the efforts of the person next to him.   Quite often, this concept is carried by the elected servants at all levels of government within these United States I live in.   In fact these servants are entrusted by the citizens that elected them to take care of government matters at hand.  It is not intended for them to overstep their bounds of authority.  In many cases this over stepping occurs. 
May I add high level American government figures, plus affairs of another country, include the, “I am looking in your back yard” concept, with “I am better then you”. Well!!!!!  This concept has started a few wars here and there. Among other things.
I find the article in The Pravda, titled, Washington's "nuclear blackmail".  I must admit in which the article states is in fact the truth.  America telling Russia what it is going to do about its nuclear weapons, making all kind of promises, with excuses, to back away from extending any financial aid in doing so. Well!!!!   America doesn’t like Russia having nuclear weapons of mass destruction in their back yard.  May I ask this: What is my country, America, doing about the nuclear weapons in my back yard here?   Now as political experts call this back yard syndrome.  (Externalizing on international affairs and politics).  I remember the old days when it wasn't really ignored when this kind of scenario occurred.  Russia answered with a rather loud.  ( POKE IT)
Charles Fargo

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov