Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey replies to Donna: "Israel opens gates of Hell"

"Israel opens gates of Hell"

Donna, so you stand with Israel and George Bush, do you? Well, you must have your legs spread far apart, what with a foot in each corner. How uncomfortable this must be.

Did you stand with Sharon at Shattila? Remember, when those refugees were murdered? Do you stand with the IDF forces who shoot kids in the eye with plastic bullets too? Do you stand with the thousands of Israelis who try to make sure the Palestinians are being properly treated? Do you stand with the IDF investigation committees that come down hard on a soldier who screws up? Do you have in fact any idea what you are talking about?

So with which Israel do you stand? Do you stand with the Israel of the Zionists who want to keep the occupied territories? Or with the Israel of the normal, decent people who want peace and fun?

Do you stand with George Bush the man of lies? Maybe then you could tell us where the Weapons of Mass Destruction are?

Criticizing a man for slaughtering thousands of civilians does not mean that we support a world rules by terrorists. You are unable to think in objective terms, you've been brainwashed by the Bush regime into thinking of a cowboy world in which the good guys have white hats and the bad guys have black hats.

We can be against terrorism and against imperialism. I hate death, the death of Americans killed by Arabs and the death of Arabs killed by Americans. I hate to see Jews blasted through shop windows and I hate to see Palestinians blasted by Apache helicopters.

As for the rest of your puerile, idiotic comments, I prefer not to waste my time.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov