RESPONSE: "The globalization of terror"

Dear Mr. Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey,
A couple of comments on your article:
“The Bush regime, in its illegal and murderous act of butchery against the Iraqi people…” ("The Globalization of Terror")
What would you classify Saddam Hussein as? 1 million Iraqis were put to death under his regime.  What is he? I’m not asking you to compare Saddam to the United States or to defend your statement noted above.  I am asking you to define Saddam Hussein.
“But the Bush regime does not understand that. The arrogance, the ignorance and the greed, so evident in this evil regime, come to the fore, backed by the corporate elite which governs the country and backed by the considerable military power of the Pentagon - a recipe for imbalance, a recipe for disaster….”

Your sweeping claims seem to be chalked full of facts and proof (can you taste my sarcasm).  Had I not known better, I might have guessed that this article was written by a 12-year-old.  After all, what 12 year old cannot articulately express their emotions.  But when one gets older, we learn that sweeping statements should be backed by something called “FACTS,” and our whims, hunches, opinions, likings, or emotions are not enough to make assertions of truth about the world.  Right or wrong this is a poor piece of journalism and does nothing to further thoughtful dialogue.  I don't take issue with the statements themselves only the lack of professionalism and your inability to honor the distinguishing characteristic of mankind – thoughtfulness.  You mention “animalistic” instincts in your article- ironically, your emotions have driven this article, not your reason.  Your tactics are no different than Bush's – you just use the pen while he uses the sword.
Brian Court

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov