BF: "Those who want to appease evil are destined to be ruined by it"

This is really a war.  A war like no other we have ever seen.  It is a war for the hearts, minds, and souls of all of us.

I cannot disagree with you more on a number of issues.  There are basic principles of society and of decency that cannot be changed no matter how much we may want to change them.  The most basic of these principles is the fact that agreements and promises must be held as sacred and to keep them must be paramount if any civilized society or relationship is to succeed.

President Bush used as his primary argument for going into Iraq the Weapons of Mass Destruction, which proved to be at the very least elusive, and may not be in Iraq at all.  However, we had already been at war with Iraq and there was a cease fire negotiated at the end of that first Gulf War.  There were many items agreed to in that cease fire.  In the years since the Iraq government repeatedly and arrogantly refused to abide by those agreements. They essentially gave the middle finger to the entire world, at least to those who are members of the United Nations.  We as a nation showed long standing restraint in attempting to get him to keep his word but to no avail.  What would you do if your next door neighbor took over your backyard?

Suppose you were able to work with the local police and get him to leave and promise to do several items as a result.  Despite this he is constantly cursing at you over your fence and all appearances are that he would do it again if he had a chance?  How long would you let a situation like that stand?  This world does not need bullies whose word means nothing.

Saddam Hussein was a first rate thug.  He murdered at will.  He raped for fun and as a tool of terror.  He gassed his own people.  He held women as second class citizens.  I do not believe any "religion" or person that encourages such despicable behavior is worth the time of day.  When governments are so instituted they pose a clear and present danger to the civilized world.  I find it very curious that so many stand on their soap box and claim to be the champion of the masses, concerned greatly about the downtrodden yet will not have the guts to support the ousting of one who has been such an open tyrant.  If Hussein had raped your daughter perhaps you would feel differently?  Maybe if he were threatening to drop mustard gas on your house you might do something about it.  At what point do you get a backbone and say enough is enough?  I also find it very interesting that those opposing the Iraq war in the United Nations were after the fact found to be benefiting under the table from bribes, business deals, and oil.

What is more important here, money and deals or people and lives?

I believe the following:

1) Saddam Hussein was a horribly evil man and his removal makes the world a better place.

2) President Bush, nor America, would be in Iraq had Hussein not invaded a friendly neighbor.  Further we would not be in Iraq now had the Hussein regime been honorable in keeping the cease fire agreement they signed.

3) The United Nations would never had done anything about it eventually rendering them impotent.  Nobody cares what the United Nations says when they will not  do one thing to enforce it.

4) I believe the effort to defeat terrorism is taking a big step forward by freeing Iraq.  If that were not true we would not see such a huge push by the terrorists to disrupt the new government over there.  Clearly the terrorists believe what is happening there is not in their best interest.

5) Those who want to appease evil are destined to be ruined by it.  Those who would let thugs and terrorists go on their merry way, hoping that ignoring them will diffuse the situation, are living in a fantasy land. Those are the types who would be speaking German and yelling Heil Hitler now had their way of thinking won over during the Hitler years.

6) This is really a war.  A war like no other we have ever seen.  It is a war for the hearts, minds, and souls of all of us.  Far too many do not see it for what it is.  Failure to recognize this fact is one that will put civilized life at risk.  President Bush sees it that way and thank heavens
for that.  He has heart and courage and I hope his efforts work for the implications of failure is unthinkable.

7) If necessary I would fight down in the trenches shoulder to shoulder with others who believe the same.  I believe there is still a vast majority of people in this country, and the world, who also believe that way.  They are moral, good, honest, decent people of various religions who would stand up and fight for decency if that is what it took.  I salute those people.

Those are the kind of people we need more of in this world.


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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov