"Israel opens gates of Hell": I stand with Israel and George Bush

Why is it murder when it is the Hamas leader and kill when it is Israelis? 
I feel you are very biased in your reporting.  Unable to see past your Political agenda of pushing our world towards one of being ruled by terrorists and the people that support them. Since when is it bad to protect yourself and your country?  I believe if Hitler were alive today he would have plenty of support from people like yourself.

"murdering 9 people" 

"terrorist attack in Ashdod on 14th March in which 10 Israelis were killed."
I am saddened for every innocent soul that is lost in these wars as well as the children that are lost to drugs and abuse.  I understand from a mothers point of view on the lose of just one child.

As an American I have not seen first hand the devastation of war, nor have I lost a loved one to war.

I do however have a lost generation;  my father in law was the only survivor of his family during the holocaust.  The pain he endured is evident.  The arms that ache and legs that ache from the brutal torture he endured from the Nazis.  I see Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden as modern day Hitler.  They kill and torture whomever they please and whenever they please.  Men that test weapons on their own country and terrorize populations of people just to make a political point have no place in this world and neither do their followers.  I do not push my beliefs on them and do not wish for them to kill me and my family for our beliefs.  These men would be happy with the death of every Christian and Jew in the world, so that Islam could be the Religion and no other.   These men have brought about the USA's involvement and I pray that we will not stop until there is unconditional surrender of these murderers.  I am a Christian married to a Jewish man.  We are the most hated people in the world.  According to my Bible we always have been and always will be until the Messiah returns.

I stand with Israel and with George Bush.


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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov