Pax Czar: "Love all Living, all Dead and all Unborn"

Dear Ones,

Pravda calls on us for feedback. Answering to "truth," is no easy task. We are all traversing this cosmic tightrope and the weight of our wildly spinning world culture is no easy balancing act.

What can we do about all the news topics that are a powerful negative magnet? Shall we be sad and depressed, or angry and frustrated? Ok so we do both.

As our world spins and circumvents around the perfectly placed star for all life on this planet, we have one precious commodity; a little time.

Ok yes, we have a little time, shall we use it to be vicious competitors?

We've been there, have done and are doing that, stuck in a arena full of losers and we and our children become victims of our silly game of self defeat.

All who are able to read this are most fortunate but often fortune :^) is like our nose, it's invisible until we cross our eyes.

I walk into the inner sanctum of "Pravda," with confidence, not with pride or shame. I lay at the feet of "Truth," the; "Three Laws I Dictate." "Love ALL Living, Love All Dead, Love All Unborn."

Will we be companions, strive for compatibility and be co-workers with, creation?

Will we remain enemies ensnared by the hate-zone engaging in reciprocal, destruction?

Engaging in petty squabbles and labeling others insures the latter. Embracing your precious time and understanding, hate = untruth; is your option.

Bottom Line: Best to You, Yours and ALL You Encounter,

Pax Czar

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov