Dr. Z. Milosevic: "On the Verge of Extinction"

Congratulations, Mr. Hoffman

I would like to congratulate, first to Pravda and then to Mr. Hoffman for such courageous and extraordinary article.

It is time to tell the truth about the "Golden Calf" and the "Mammon", who has been ruling America and now truing to conquer the rest of the world.

But, in my opinion, Satan "did not come in Jersey from Baghdad", (Mr.Mason).

He came from Vatican to Washington to whisper on G. Bush's ear what to do on behalf of him.

His biggest obstacle is Orthodox faith and wisdom of the East; it means Russia and China.

He is already in the war with the whole Christian Orthodox world, his greatest enemy, and his war started in Bosnia and Serbia when "Mammon" wanted to test how much Russia is on its knees.

When Satan did not have any resistance he continued his plan.  He tried to corrupt Russian people with his seductive fruits of "Shopping Society", anti-culture, dogmatic humanism, quasi democracy and conversion in his religions: "Golden Calf" and Catholicism.  He was desperate and, recently, has surrounded Russian borders, waiting for right moment, for final assault.
He says, “Lets finish off first with Russia, all Christian Orthodox world and then China.”

Many prominent people in the west agree with Mr. Hoffman. For example, this is an insert from the article "The Return of Pontius Pilate" written by Mr. Andry Thomas (Lecture on Oxford University, www.orthodoxengland.org.uk.)

..."In the meantime, the West sacrifices the Orthodox Church. Let the medieval monasteries and churches of Kosovo burn. Let fanatical Albanians commit their atrocities, digging up the Orthodox departed from the cemeteries by the burnt-out churches, scattering their bones until Kingdom come and the Prophecy of Ezekiel is realized. Let the Croats, the "Bosnians"
and the Albanians expel native Orthodox populations who have lived in their territories for six hundred years. Let Orthodox Cyprus be occupied and its churches turned into public conveniences. Let Orthodox Palestine and Jerusalem immigrate to Ecuador. Anything, as long as the West can continue to live in its consumer paradise delusion.

Let the Orthodox Church be crucified: Pilate needs petrol for his car and Big Macs for his belly: the war criminals of the West are washing their hands. It is Holy Week, and the victim to be crucified, while Pilate is washing his oil-stained hands, is the Body of Christ, the Orthodox Church. Pontius Pilate has returned. You can meet him any day, for every day he
walks the streets of London, Washington, Brussels, Berlin, Paris....".

For those "Mammon" messengers and "Grand Inquisitor" followers, uncivilized, hypnotized Zombies of the West who call Mr. Hoffman a "Guy" and president Putin "KGB spy" and who have been calling for decades Russia an "evil Empire", I have only one message:

Read history and be careful, Russia is not a small bite like Serbia, this time "Mammon" will not escape back (like before to Paris and Berlin) to Washington only with broken teeth, this time, his beast head could be smashed and it will be the end of Anti Christ.

Thank you

Dr. Z. Milosevic

( Serbian refugee from Kosovo )

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov