David M. Worden: The 9/11 Commission fraud

When the 9/11 Commission is through, the next commission to be seated
should be one that investigates the waste, fraud and abuse of the 9/11

We are told the purpose of this commission is to investigate how 9/11 was allowed to happen and submit recommendations to correct short comings.  Wrong-o reindeer!

Its purpose is to provide the Democrats a public platform to slam George Bush.  Look at the way the Democrats on the commission attacked Rice and Ashcroft. They gave Clarke and Reno a pass.  Rice stood up especially well to the onslaught, proving she, not Hillary, is the smartest woman in America. 

If the commission was true to its mission, then Jamie Gorelick should be a witness, not a member.  She was responsible for hampering intelligence sharing between the FBI and CIA.  She is on the commission for one reason, damage control both for herself and the Clinton Administration.  Also, there is video tape of Bill Clinton admitting that Sudan offered us Bin Laden on several occasions but Clinton turned down the offer for legal reasons.  The king of "is" couldn't come up with legal reason to hold Bin Laden?  Why hasn't this been pursued?  The commission has the tape!  

Where is the media in all of this?  They're too busy trying to get Bush to admit mistakes and apologize for being alive.  

Chairman Kean, we want our money back!

David M. Worden
404 Parkmere Dr
Fort Worth TX 76108

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov