Dynamic Duo miss the point

Bush and Blair, the perfect pair
They have the same stance, the same height, the same arrogant demeanor, the same self-righteousness and approach crisis management in the same way: first create the crisis, then manage the consequences.

Bush and Blair, the dynamic duo, wholly and utterly missed the point in their joint press conference in Washington today, when they claimed that they will stand firm to stabilize Iraq.

The question is, who destabilized it in the first place, at what human cost and upon what pretexts? Why did the dynamic duo not mention the supposed weapons of mass destruction, which they promised to find? Where are the mobile laboratories, which the Bush regime said were being driven around the desert? Where are the chemical arms depots, whose location was supposed to be known by the Bush regime?

These questions are the main point, not Blair's "vital role" of the UNO, which was never consulted in the first place or Bush's determination to make Iraq free. The dynamic duo paint a sorry and pathetic portrait of two men who know they have made a monumental mistake but have to press blindly and arrogantly ahead, because to admit the truth and face the consequences of their actions now would be political suicide. They have to live the lie they invented, day after day, week after week.

The criticism mounts up inside the USA, inside the UK, in the tiny handful of countries whose weak leaders were bullied and cajoled into supporting this travesty of justice, this act of mass murder, these war crimes.

The situation on the ground is catastrophic, with the western press trying desperately to hide the story that "Saddam"'s wife said he was a double when taken to see him last week, and that half of Iraq is in arms, with Moqtada Al Sadr refusing to disarm his one million militia, waiting to cut off any retreat in the south of the country and Islamic leaders warning the US not to enter the holy cities of Karbala and Najaf, while the US forces are forced into accepting ceasefires.

They have lost control, there are now two power centres and the fact that the invasion forces lost the initiative is a sign that they were not good enough to do the job. Iraq is chaos, and this chaos was caused by two men, the dynamic duo, Bush and Blair, a modern-day Batman and Robin, supported by
Rumsfeld the Riddler, Powell the Joker, Dick Mr. Freeze Cheney and Condy Catwoman.

Unfortunately this is the real world and not Gotham City.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova