Letter: Humanity's hope for a better world

Dear Friends,

It is quite true that the Bush+Satan equation is quite apt. He represents the greatest evil for the greatest number, and combined with his lunatic's religious perception is quite likely to bring about the end of the human world as we know it.

It does seem, looking at recent history, that every good impulse has been thwarted by some hideous event. The end of the Cold War, brought about not by Reagan but by Gorbachev might have initiated a new cycle in human history. Instead the moment was lost, by USA posturing and desires for complete economic and military dominance.

What can we do? Write letters, vote, boycott, march, reform our personal way of life? This will help in some measure, probably not enough. In the end, perhaps we will only have our refusal to believe the lies, to give up hope that we can make a better world, and our capacity to believe in a love that embraces all humanity, its diversity of culture, color, beliefs, all the things that are used to separate us now and turn us against one another, being baited like dogs in a pit for the benefit of those evil and soulless creatures that look on and become rich on our common blood.

World War I put an end to some of humanity's hope for a better world, but even in that massive wasteful slaughter, one night, both sides put down their guns and shared their common humanity across the lines. In the 60's there used to be a poster that said "Suppose they gave a war and nobody came?" It is a simplistic wish, not very likely to ever be carried out. For myself, I only can speak, that I have no enemy save the one's who try to send me against another. I believe if we recognize the common humanity in each other, treat one another with respect and courtesy, be honest and helpful in time of need, as individuals and nations, we might remake the

Until then I will do what I can to oppose the current evil, and create its

Best wishes,

T G Marshall
Pie Town NM

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov