Letter: In America, we have a Hybrid Monster System, not a Democracy


In America, this is a way of "life" to those privy enough to hold the privy positions to Contract between our defacto Government, and private entities. All our so called governments are Incorporated unto themselves, and this was not in our Constitution, nor was known to the Public when they did this secretly and privately. Corruption cannot be checked just by having paper or Parchment Checks. Those alleged public servant's who are supposed to be Honest, make a real sick joke out of that. No career politician is Honest. They could Not be to get to the position they are in.

In America, we have a Hybrid Monster System, not a Democracy, or Republic as we are supposed to; but a mix of Demon-cratic, Facist, Communist, Socialist, Capitalism. We are caught in a malestrom of In The Box lies, deception, and corruption. Where any imagined evil, is what Americans think means freedom. They are controlled, deluded, and overwhelmingly self indulged in the superficialities, of electronic toys, SUVs, where there next robbed dollar will come from, there next drink, and drugs, and who they will Copulate; no matter what sex it is. America, has Not been a free nation since at least when Andrew Jackson was president and ended the central Socialist, privately run Usury Banking system. Mr. Lincoln's Northern Aggression upon the South, was nothing more than heavily influenced Socialist Revolutionary concepts from European Banking and old money interests. Mr. Lincoln's so called Re-Construction Acts, would be better understood as "De-Construction" acts. Karl Marx had many Socialist articles published in the Chicago Tribune newspapers during that period.

I don't see any way out of all the corruption, until enough people decide to organize, and take control of there own destinies, as any real thinking human being ought to do anyway.

Best Wishes,

Mr. Robert W. Kampe
Clay Twp., Michigan

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova