Letter: We have no excuse for allowing evil to rule us

Hi Timothy, I am so glad you spoke up! Its time our people in the United States unite and face reality, we have a mad man running our country, (or, mad men).  This president is not operating for the majority of the people, only a handful that are either blind, deaf, and are too dumb to even care!   I shrink away in shame when I read about the  evil  this  leader has  forced  our  troops to do. Most are so young, and had no idea what wa was. (They felt war was either like the games they played on their computer, or small soldiers they played with as kids. Its ben rumored that many have committed suicide, defected and ran, scared little boys on the run. They were basically too young to be there in this nasty violent war that George W. Bush craved so much. (Although, he ran even from the military)!  Yes, I am very bitter, and I will not allow someone I love to fight his evil war.  I'll bet his daughters would never see a war.  I blame (us) too, the people! We have no excuse for sitting back and taking the abuse that the Republican party dishes out. We're suppose to be a strong people! :(  Again, thank you!


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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova