RESPONSE: "The American Way"

In my columns I normally try to look at the lighter side of American life and politics.  I look at both sides of political arguments and try to form a logical opinion and then pass my thoughts to my readers.  I normally do not respond to columns written by others. I respect their views and value their opinions, even if I do not agree.  Sometimes however, my patriotic loyalty to America forces a response.  Case in point: David Hoffman's last column, "The American Way".

It is strange how "Bush haters" and those on the left in general, just can't get over the fact that George W. Bush is the duly elected  President of the United States and not a "dictator" as Mr. David Hoffman so eloquently described President Bush in his last column.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word dictator as a:  a: person granted absolute emergency power, b: one holding complete autocratic control, c: one ruling absolutely and often oppressively.   I challenge Mr. Hoffman to show evidence that President Bush meets any of Webster's criteria to be called a dictator.
I can name a few people who do meet Webster's criteria to be called dictators; Joseph Stalin and Saddam Hussein come to mind.

I know it is easy to throw around words like "war-time dictator"; "corporate-controlled media" and "so-called military record" especially if one is a former communications professor.  But as Mr. Hoffman himself wrote, "those with weak arguments usually endeavored to disguise such weaknesses by talking loudly."  In Mr. Hoffman's case I think "talking loudly" can be replaced with "writing long boring sentences".

In one such sentence Mr. Hoffman writes, "This article is certainly not meant to criticize those who, for religious, moral or political reasons, selected alternative routes to military service, but to condemn the vile and rancid hypocrisy of self-proclaimed "war-time" dictator George W. Bush, who chose such an alternative when his life was at risk, yet now lands on aircraft carriers in military attire, and makes bellicose speeches about "never backing down."

Mr. Hoffman should take a breath and use a period every now and then.  But I guess if he did the true meaning of his sentence would be clear.  He is basically saying that he supports the draft dodgers who fled to Canada during the Vietnam War.  He is also associating the people who nobly served in the Army National Guard and Reserves with the very cowards who fled.

I don't think many draft dodgers chose an "alternative life" by joining the National Guard to escape from service in the Vietnam War.  That was much too risky. They normally drove their Volkswagen "Love Mobiles" north to Canada or to a commune some where in the dessert to smoke dope and solve world problems.  I wonder how many of them actually inhaled.  I also
wonder if Mr. Hoffman made the trip.

As far as "never backing down", America will never back down to terrorism.

Mr. Hoffman's column continues with, ".it is time to acknowledge that America is in the grip of an evil so corrupt, so infectious, and so devious that it already may be too late to find a cure."  I have tried hard to find the infectious, devious, corrupt evil that has a grip on America.  I failed.  It just does not exist. The "evil" in America is a fantasy of Mr. Hoffman's own liberal making.  America is a thriving county with freedoms that many others around the world endure to have, but can never find because of left wing zealots and real dictators. 

Sorry Mr. Hoffman, America does not need a cure. I know it is hard for the left to accept the fact that George W. Bush is the President of the United States. They personally hate Mr. Bush.  The left would rather see America fail in Iraq and other areas of the world, rather than have him in office for another term.  They would also like nothing better than have the United States lie down and cower at the feet of the UnitedNations.  Sorry, this will never happen.  The world may as well get use to that fact.

It is hard for liberals to debate facts using logic instead of emotion and they often resort to name calling and un-truths when all else fails.  But please Mr. Hoffman, take the extra effort to get the real facts before writing columns for international audiences.  Others might just believe your liberal propaganda.

And please use a period once in the while.

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Author`s name Steve Darnell