Letter: Media should change their opinion on KGB

Love you Russia, and Love you Pravda.

I am a Canadian who is very confused on negative media relating to the KGB.  I often see news articles referring to President Putin as being former KGB officer.  These articles often appear to make his past seem evil or lurky.

Is the Russian KGB/KSB, not similar to the American's CIA, or FBI?  I don't hear much negative media on these organizations.  Is not the soul purpose of the KGB, the safety and security of the country?   

I think the media needs to change their opinion of the KGB and quit slandering their countries security.   This is not a negative aspect of Mr. Putin's past, it is a very positive one, and one in which he should be proud of.   This man has dedicated 20+ years of his life to the safety and security of Russia.  Can any of the jet-setting money hungry obligarts boast of dedicating more than half their lives  to their country?

I don't think so.  Mr. Putin truly does love his country, he has shown it through time and dedication. No one deserves to President more than this man does.  His past is proof.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova