Letter: Something should be done with biased journalism

Dear editor:

Thank you, for inviting your readers to express our opinion. I am really glad to have this opportunity because as a former citizen of USSR leaving for a relatively long time in the North America, and feeling myself as a member of a global community I am very concerned about all kinds of biased visions that all kinds of journalists (and not only them) from different countries are trying to create in the minds of their readers. In one of your articles you are asking, “Why Western journalists provide biased accounts of Russian events?” The answer is right in you Forums section in which by the very devoted people very carefully and straightforward are chosen Anti-American topics.

In most cases the members of those forums are so notoriously aggressive that they are loosing their ideas (if they have any at all) and just repeat their insults and carry them from one forum into another. I would like to know who is responsible of choosing those mostly anti-American topics? I also think that your forums are providing a very strong platform for a very unhappy people to place the seeds of hatred and entrust in the minds of inexperienced readers. 

We all can repeat the expression “The paper will bear everything” but… The problem is just that I don’t see the equal democratic direction but the biased selection. There are some members are really amateur and passionate political opponents. But there are some of them who are not. And I know as well as you know that the professional writer always has his style. That is why I strongly believe that something can be done to provide more objective and interesting material to the readers. Also I find that the news topics are not as global as the news topics of the other Internet newspapers.

And at last, I want to remind everyone that the old Anti-American Smoke didn’t bring the destruction of USA but opposite. In our post Soviet Era we all have another enemy and a very dangerous one. The name of this enemy is “Religious Fanatism”, and we came to the point where we cannot seat and blame somebody else for not doing “right things” in stopping this monster that can become our most fatal mistake because of our own biased vision of the world. We have to stop blaming the USA for their tactical mistakes and we have to start cooperating with the global community to get rid of this form of mental illness.  
Thank you again for your invitation.
Anna Kaplan, [email protected]

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova