Letter: America is heading the WRONG direction?

Some in the world feels we (as Americans) are heading the wrong direction in our war with the terrorists.  Or that our only interests are about oil, drugs and power.  Let me remind you of a few things that  perhaps you don't (or won't) understand about us.

(1)  Most of Europe either supported or allowed Germany to kill millions of Jews.  Those that didn't support it, pretended it wasn't happening.  Yet these same people condemn American for killing terrorist.  Much of Europe embraced the Nazi movement with open arms.   Europe supported or allowed Japan to build a war machine, and then join with Germany.  America did nothing until we were attacked at Pearl Harbor, and then it was too late.  We will NOT allow that to happen again.  It is far better to be PROactive then REactive.  Hiding one's head in the sand and pretending nothing is happening is the action of a coward, and cowards are ALWAYS the first to whine and cry when someone stands up.

We DO NOT support the creed of too many Europeans..."he who fight and runs away, live to fight another day!"  That's because for them, another day NEVER comes!!

(2)  Almost ALL of the drug consumed in the United States come either from Europe or South America.  We may consume...but we don't make and import it. If you wanted to stop our drug problem, you would stop producing it.  But of course, that would mean less money for you, wouldn't it?  The blame for that belongs to you!

(3)  America doesn't need to increase it's power or have world domination. We are the most powerful nation in the world.  As the most powerful nation, we have an obligation to LEAD...not follow...!  You may not like the direction that we're leading you in, but often time children don't like where parents are leading them either.  We can see a MUCH larger picture then you can.

(4)  The war against the terrorists is not fueled by our need for oil.  The war is (and was) fueled  by many of the European countries who had HUGE investments in selling weapons, information and who owned businesses supporting the terrorists.  We now see France, Germany and others have supported the terrorists by voting against any and all actions by the United Nations.  The money Europe received in this manner is tainted with the blood of innocent people...but blood money never bothered Europeans before, so I'm sure this didn't bother them either.

(5)  The United Nations was against all actions proctored by the United States against the terrorists.  Now the corruption and graft (at the HIGHEST levels) has been exposed to the world.  The REAL motives are obvious...it was money and greed by the very countries (mainly France and Germany) that opposed our actions.

(6)  Spain has always been one of the first to cower and hide.  They've done that for hundreds of years.  They've used religion, corruption and politics to justify the actions that only cowards find acceptable.  Now they hide from the terrorists when 200 of their citizens are killed.  America lost 3,000 citizens, yet that has made us stronger.  When you attack one of us, you attack all of us.  When you kill one of us, all of us feel the pain. But when you attack a citizen in Spain, obviously all of Spain cowers in terrors and hides it head!  If I was Spanish, I too would hide my head...but in shame..!

America has never been led, we have always been leaders.  To those who are like sheep...led by neck to be sheared and then slaughtered...this will make no sense.  To those who are blinded by living off of social programs and other people's tax dollars...this can never be understood.  And to those who always run from a fight... and then let others die in their place…this will be misguided.  But to the people of the world who are not afraid to stand up when called...who want to be known for the things they do, rather then the things they should have done...this is the ONLY path to walk.

Thom Gardner
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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov