Letter: "US Military Is In Real Trouble"

Dear Pravda,

Hi, I am an American.  Below is the text, verbatim, of an email I sent to J. David Gallard regarding his article titled "US Military Is In Real Trouble" published April 8.  Please publish it and please translate it to Russian so Russians can read what most Americans really think.

Dear Mr. Galland,

Yes, I agree the US Military is in real trouble, but for different reasons than those cited by you.

As a military person, you have a rather peculiar point of view on life compared to most of us.  I was always taught by my father—a veteran--that military personnel produce absolutely nothing constructive to this world, and to date after 46 years that has been proven to me consistently, over and over.  Military are social parasites both feeding off of and preying on productive civilians.  Yes, that's you.  You are a professional killer, enemy of all life.  There will be no excuse for you.

The US military is in real trouble for the simple reason that it is out of control and being run by out-and-out war criminals who to date have committed over 100 million collective violations of the Geneva Convention against the Iraqi population within the past year alone. Any 8 year old can figure that out.

It amazes me that the US would simply ignore the Geneva Convention and rape Iraq.  What misguided hubris--especially following so closely on the heels of the WW2 atrocity.  It makes everything America did in WW2 out to be nothing but a mockery of what America said were its principles at that time.  And what you don't seem to know is that the rest of the world knows exactly what the score is with 911 and this nonsense in Iraq is not going to go unpunished by the world community.  So I found your call to try to bolster the already-overgrown US Military to be quite offensive.  How much money do you think we productive people have to waste on expendable cannon fodder like you, getting us into trouble with the rest of the world with your irresponsible killing games and military antics?  Well I can tell you--it ran out a long time ago, along with our patience.

The US war criminals have disgraced my country needlessly before the world by illegally invading Iraq and have shamed this once-great nation before the whole world--and have left its honor stained forever.

I will defend my own country if an actual need arises.  You and the US military are 100% unnecessary to this country's well-being.  If you had any brains at all, you would understand how that works.  It's called being nice to your neighbor.  But you obviously never learned that at
War Criminals' School.


Tom Lowe
Borrego Springs, CA
[email protected]

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova