Occupation codename: Democracy

Don’t be fooled by Washington catch phrases like “Democracy”, “War on Terror”, “Liberation of Iraq” or “Peace”. 
They’re only codenames for nothing more than a mass murder and a vicious assault on a sovereign country. What Washington calls “peace and stability” - that it boasts it has brought to the region - in reality means that the war is yet to begin.  Exactly what Washington has feared the most has happened: the Shi’ite majority has joined the resistance against the occupying forces.  The quickly spreading uprising has triggered the worst casualty crises and heaviest losses on both sides to date.

When today Washington and their media labels the escalating disaster as "civil war", they, of course, mean a full-blown international war in which the occupied Iraq has risen against the American invaders.

What Washington calls the Iraqi “independent government” is neither independent nor a government.  It’s nothing more than an US orchestrated charade of feigning the end of the war by setting up a bogus government body by June 30th.  (Even the Washington deadline was selected to coincide with George W. Bush’s re-election efforts rather than with the apt rebuilding of the war-torn country.) 

The puppet government’s “independence” will stretch only as far as the US legislative cells called regulators will allow, and it will remain completely impotent over facets that all democratic governments would normally control.

The government will have no say in military control.  All armed forces in Iraq will remain completely under a separate US command as well as all control regarding Iraq national security.

It will be powerless over Iraq commerce and selection of foreign contractors.  The US has instigated laws that protect all commerce agreements and contracts made today by the US from any possible change by the new government.

It will have no control over Iraqi media.  Licenses that empower American propaganda machines to operate within Iraq will remain in effect after the June 30th hand off and will remain beyond the Iraqi government control.      

When Washington says “liberation of Iraq” it really means occupation of Iraq.  Iraq will have, without any end in sight, foreign troops on their soil.  The US will keep over 110,000 strong military personnel in Iraq.

What Washington calls the “liberating forces” is routinely referred to around the world today as the occupiers.  Even British press, the biggest American partner in crime, routinely refers to the US military as the occupying forces.  Iraqis and even their children flat out call Americans murderers.

When George W. Bush asked the world and the US Congress for “financial aid to rebuild Iraq” he really meant money for his own pockets.  The US has so far used close to 19 billion dollars of the aid money to build and furnish their own residences.  The US has 14 military bases in Iraq so far.

“Democracy” must be Washington’s codeword for suppression of information and censorship since the US military has come down on Iraqi media, shutting down Baghdad newspaper al-Hawza and enforcing strict controls that allow western view only.

It’s somewhat unclear what Washington means when it says that the US is “recreating Iraqi economy”.  Is it a code for cutting 400,000 Iraqi jobs and revoking their pensions or are they referring to the new US-run Coca-Cola factory that will begin pumping the all-American favorite drink two whole months before the planned government hand-off?  Perhaps it refers to the US giving up the responsibility and control over Iraqi medical system and washing their hands over the catastrophic hospital ruins the assault has caused.  It could also mean the rewritten textbooks that Washington has forced upon Iraqi schools in which they teach the same lies that they feed their own children (like that Ben Franklin is the inventor of electricity; that Americans did not genocide the native Indians and that the US did not fuel Hitler’s Blitzkrieg machine).

Washington says the occupation was a “right and worthwhile” cause.  What this codeword mean is that over 10,000 non-Americans murdered and well over 30,000 maimed is a small price tag for what the US is poised to gain from the invasion.  After all, Washington cronies all get millions in the reconstruction scams.  The Pentagon gets a brand new large-scale military residence - something they have been itching for since the fall of the Iron Curtain.  And, of course, the Americans get the oil wells.

Pater Havlasa,

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova