Exposing Bush the liar, the mass murderer, the war criminal

The crude and cruel truth about Iraq.
Pravda.Ru presents the bare facts about what George W. Bush and his evil regime has done in Iraq, making the US troops and civilian workers hated among the people who were supposed to welcome them with open arms. We expose the lies and present the truth, based on media reports and eye witness accounts.

The attack against Iraq was planned long before 9/11 - the Bush family had some unfinished business with Saddam Hussein, the man Washington had placed in Baghdad as the equilibrium point between various forces of chaos. The decision not to use the UN Security Council was a sign that there was no causus belli and the order to remove the UNMOVIC and IAEA inspection teams a show of arrogance, based on the fear that nothing would be found. It wasn't.

Colin Powell then lied through his teeth at the UN building in New York, presenting what he claimed as magnificent intelligence work, complete with reports, satellite photographs and mock-ups with arrows and labels, such as "mobile laboratory", which he later claimed were being "driven around the desert in vehicles". A year on, he now claims that the intelligence was faulty. A more decent man would admit that he told a tissue of lies.

There are not, and never were, Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. Bush and his regime quite simply lied to their people, lied to the citizens of the world, lied at the UNO and lied to the international community of states.

The heroic liberators of Iraq were supposed to be welcomed by a grateful population. Great care was taken to photograph what were supposed to be cheering throngs. What we saw were a few dozen bemused and shocked citizens watching on as US troops committed acts of vandalism and wanton destruction, to add to the purposeful targeting of civilian infrastructures which have not recovered today.

Western TV reporters are beginning to say they cannot leave their hotels and US reporters are wearing the Canadian maple leaf - or hide behind hijabs.

Why this hatred? Because the United States of America decided to utterly and totally destroy Iraq to pave the way for reconstruction contracts to be doled out to the clique of the corporate elite which dictate the White House's policy (not the voters), some of these without tender.

Paul Bremer is selling Iraq and its people to foreign institutions
controlled by Washington. Last October, a law was passed linking the economy to foreign control (Order 39, which cannot be changed by the new government) and instituted special powers for special institutions, controlled by Washington, which will supervise the new Iraqi ministries. Long after the US
troops pull out (or retreat), the Project Management Office and the US Embassy in Baghdad will continue to control the reconstruction process and funding. Neither will all the troops leave, since there are plans to station over 100.000 in the country for several years at the 14 permanent military bases being set up around the country, advance bases for strikes against other countries as Washington goes for the throat of the world's richest region in mineral resources.

This is the truth, not the lies spun by Washington about freedom and democracy and evil dictators and WMD.

George Bush's freedom and democracy is translated into horrific statistics about human casualties, the people he said God had told him to save. The "great care" taken by Washington to reduce civilian casualties included the dropping of brightly-coloured, shiny cluster bombs into civilian areas for
children to mistake as sweets, only for the explosive fragments to blow up, blowing away their faces, their hands, their legs, their eyes or even their lives. UNICEF estimates that at least 1.000 children - one thousand children - were mutilated for life in this way.

Independent estimates point towards a civilian death rate of between 7.500 and 9.500 and a further 20.000 wounded, including women and children, the elderly and babies, blasted through their roofs by George Bush's freedom and democracy and by the great care of his murderous forces. As for Iraqi soldiers, the estimates are between 13.500 and 45.000 dead and between 40.000 and 135.000 wounded.

Allied casualties are impossible to estimate because of Washington's lies.

Official declarations from the Pentagon stated that 1927 had been wounded, when the Washington Post quoted reliable sources declaring that the number was at least 6.000, three times more.

Between one and two thousand tonnes of depleted uranium was deployed by the invading forces, polluting the atmosphere and water supply for years to come. The country is strewn with unexploded cluster bombs, mines, grenades, 40% of the water supply was destroyed, sewage treatment plants devastated,
spreading disease among a population purposefully weakened by a decade of cruel sanctions, while Iraq was disarming.

Electricity supply systems were targeted with such savagery that experts estimate it will take three years to rebuild (a juicy ten billion dollar contract). 7% of the hospitals were hit in military strikes, the country's vaccine supplies were hit, placing 210.000 newborn babies at risk of dying.

As for schools, while Washington likes to show a model school with smiling children to Middle America, the truth is that school frequency rates have dropped to just over 60%, the lowest in the recent history of the country.

George W. Bush is a war criminal, a mass murderer and a barefaced liar. Let this document prove as testimony for any institution with the courage to take this man and his evil clique of cronies, who hijacked their country, democracy and the world, on a murderous ecstasy of assassination and destruction, just because of corporate greed, to the dock in a court of law, where they belong.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova