USA must leave Iraq - now!
Enough! Enough of illegal war, enough of illegal occupation, enough of dropping cluster bombs in civilian areas, enough of destroying civilian infrastructures, enough of targeting water supply, enough of machine-gunning three-year-old boys traveling with their families.

The Bush regime in the United States of America represents the worst kind of ultra-right government, convinced of its own self-righteousness, so convinced it cannot contain itself within its national frontiers. Like the Roman Empire, it spreads its military camps across the globe, a string of forward posts for military intervention, intrusion, interfering and collusion, often with terrorist elements.

The latest outrage in Iraq will surprise nobody, given the brief history of the Bush regime, which has the blood of at least thirteen thousand innocent civilians on its hands, which has the illegal detention and torture of human beings, some of them innocent, at Guantanamo, which has legitimate accusations of war crimes and crimes against humanity hanging over its head.

The latest outrage in Iraq will be hard to explain to the people of the United States of America, but here it is: US troops machine-gunned a car in Tikrit last night, wounding six women and children, the male driver, and murdering a boy of three years of age. Because they were traveling along a road in their own country.

"Get your fucking hands up, NOW!!" shouted the US soldier, thrusting his gun into the face of a terrified six-year-old boy. That is documented on TV and that is how the US armed forces treat the Iraqi civilians. That is also why the average Iraqi is too terrified to stop his car when ordered to by this invading horde of mass murderers.

Enough! The war should never have happened in the first place but if the US government has an iota of decency, if the US government has a modicum of common sense, if it has any sense of humanity, it will realize that this was in Iraq is an abject failure. It was hastily executed, badly planned and abominably carried out.

Now that the UNO is sending its advisors to plan for elections, it is time for a hand-over, as soon as possible, to this organization, which should have been used in the first place.

Murdering families is not a solution, and unfortunately it is not the first such incident. Opening up with machine-gun fire against four children and three women, no doubt yelling obscenities, is no way for a soldier to behave. It is a disgrace. For the soldiers involved, for the Bush regime and for the people of the United States of America.

All of those with children in their families should reflect very carefully on this article and on the message it brings: how would you like it if another country invaded yours illegally, destroyed your infrastructures, slaughtered thousands of innocent civilians, including grandfathers and grandmothers, women and children, blasting the limbs off people sitting at home watching TV and strafing your kids?

What is worse, the US armed forces deny the incident happened, despite it having been confirmed by the driver of the vehicle, the hospital authorities and independent news sources. "Last night a patrol entered into combat with a civilian vehicle" was the explanation. A civilian vehicle, with four children and three women. Later, the story was changed to two vehicles.

Reuters news agency shows a red car pocked with bullet holes, the back seat covered in glass and blood. The blood of a three-year-old boy, murdered by these assassins.

Enough! Stop this war now and stop this evil, murderous regime. The United States of America is the world's worst terrorist.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov