EU Congress is either insane, lying or both

In fear of losing the grip over the control of EU, Brussels drummed up a harshly worded resolution last month to protect its leadership positions from getting any new blood from the joining members. 
The largest fraction of the EU parliament, the EPP, issued a blanket warning to all the arriving countries to basically forget seeking positions within the EU governing structures. 

As if the gall of this deeply politically discriminatory resolution wasn't enough of a slap in the face to the joining former Eastern Bloc countries, the EU compounded the insult with the most audacious affront, on par with the Bush administration mystifying the world about WMD in Iraq and UK with France “giving” Czechoslovakia to Hitler.

The EU bases its demand to punish former communist leaders on "…while the Nazi crimes were internationally punished, the same fate never met the communist criminals." 

Hold on right there, dear EU!  Does Brussels expect us to buy this outright nonsense?

Did Brussels forget Ilse “Buchenwald Monster” Koch?  This viciously sadistic German’s hobby was inflicting deliberate tortures and beatings on the concentration camp prisoners.  Hundreds of innocent victims perished in the wake of this brutal monster.  Punished?  Koch was released and freed in 1947 in West Germany.

Did Brussels forget SS Bridgadierfuhrer Dr. C. Clauberg?  This depraved German monster tortured to death thousands of women in Auschwitz.  His specialty was carving out women’s wombs without anesthetics. He boasted that he could sterilize 1000 women a day.  Punished? Germans rewarded this diabolical monster -- despite the many protests and requests from the world community for Bonn to put this mass murderer on trial -- with freedom and an officer grade monthly pension.   Clauberg died a free man.

Did Brussels forget warden of Sachsenhausen Gustav “Iron Beast” Sorge and Wilhelm “The Shooter” Schubert?  At his 1947 trial, Sorge arrogantly boasted that he was “the cruelest beast of Sachsenhausen” and proudly confessed to having committed hundreds of murders and tortures. Schubert admitted to perhaps thousands of shootings, murders and tortures in Sachsenhausen.  Punished? Though both were sentenced to death by the tribunal, these men somehow reemerged in West Germany where they were freed and paid 6,000 marks in damages for the legal process. 

Did Brussels forget the Ravensbruck SS medic Hertha Oberhauser?  Her grisly medical deeds left countless women and children dead or maimed for life.  Punished?  Despite the outcry from the world community, Oberhauser remained free and in fact held a pediatrician position in Stocksee in West Germany.

Did Brussels forget Buchenwald chief warden Martin Sommer, one of the most heinous of the German monsters?  He was responsible for the torture and murder of tens of thousands of prisoners.  Punished?  West Germans not only stopped all legal proceedings against this brutal animal, but also enacted laws specifically protecting criminals like Sommer to ensure their indemnity for war crimes.  This devil reincarnate was living as a free man in West Germany, was paid 10,000 marks in damages and enjoyed a handsome monthly pension.

Did Brussels forget SS “Dr.” Martin Hellinger?  This monstrosity provided the SS with his “medical” skills, which were needed for harvesting human “spare parts”.  His specialty was the method of mass collecting of prisoners’ teeth.  Punished?  For this ghastly work, the Bonn government rewarded him with a settlement of 10,000 marks.

Did Brussels forget Reeder, the beastly mayor of Koln? For his crimes involving aiding the Nazi mass liquidations, Reeder was tried, found guilty and sentenced to life by Belgium war tribunal.  Punished?  Reeder was extradited to West Germany where he was freed and paid 26,000 marks in damages plus 1000 marks as a monthly pension.

Did Brussels forget the war criminals Hinrichsen, Ruhl, Siebens and Viebahn?  All these Nazi animals were sentenced at Nurnberg in 1945 for their crimes against humanity.  Punished? Inexplicably, all were freed in 1956 by the regrouping West Germany.

Did Brussels forget W. Von Braun?  A willing participant in the Hitler’s death machine, von Braun was responsible not only for thousands of civilian deaths caused by the weapons of mass destruction of his design, but also directly for the fate of tens of thousands of slave laborers.  Von Braun was in charge and responsible for the Nazi secret underground laboratories in Nordhausen.  During his “research work”, von Braun carried responsibility for the murder of over 50,000 prisoners due to the inhumane conditions of the slave labor in his laboratories.  Punished?  Right after he doffed his Nazi uniform, von Braun became the protected property of USA.  Consequently, von Braun never had to answer for his crimes against humanity. Instead,hereceived the highest civilian honors of the United States from president Einsenhower and still today remains one of America’s most celebrated heroes.

Did Brussels forget SS Hauptsturmbahnfuhrer Max Rostock?  In 1942, this SS man orchestrated and executed the liquidation of the Lidice village in former Czechoslovakiawith its 500 residents. Punished?  In 1951, Rostock was sentenced to death in Prague by the Czech war tribunal. However, in 1960s, media tracked him down and offered proof that he was living as a free man in West Germany. He died in 1986 without ever having to pay for his crimes.

Did Brussels forget SS Brigadierfuhrer and the leader of the SS Hitlerjugend Meyer?  In 1947, this German monstrosity was tried, found guilty and sentenced to death for the mass murders of allied prisoners.  Punished?  Meyer was later released and West Germany paid him 4,800 marks a month in damages for “wrongful” imprisonment.

Did Brussels forget the chief of police Beckerle? This man assisted in the liquidation of over 30,000 people.  Punished?  His “punishment”, as Brussels calls it, was enjoying a 6,000 marks/month pension while living free in West Germany.

Did Brussels forget E. Deladier and N. Chamberlain?  A decade after the full scope of Hitler’s Final Solutions plans for the annihilation of the tens of millions of people were fully known to the world, these gentlemen condemned 15 million people of Czechoslovakia casting them gleefully into the harrowing claws of the Nazis.  As a result of their malevolent deed, millions had suffered unspeakable horrors in the German occupation.  Punished?  Neither of the two man was so much as pointed a finger at, let alone charged with crimes against humanity, the breach of international treaties, and abetting and aiding the Nazis death apparatus.

Did Brussels forget the mass rehabilitation and compensation of known war criminals? While a war cripple in West Germany was due 120 marks and a widow 55 marks as monthly compensation, the ex-SS members and Hitler’s army officers were routinely receiving over 1,000.  Field Marshall Albert Kesselring, tried in 1947 for crimes against humanity, was later freed by Germans and enjoyed a handsome 1,100 mark pension.  Equivalent pension was given to von Manstein who was also tried by the allies in 1947 and subsequently freed by Germans.  Even the widow of one of the biggest German animals, Reinhard Heidrich enjoyed a handsome pension for the unspeakable crimes of her late husband.  The widow of SS Gruppenfuhrer Harald Turner, who’s claim to infamy was ordering the “killing of everything that’s possible” in Yugoslavia, received officer grade pension.  Admiral and the successor of Hitler as Fuhrer of the Third Reich, Karl Donitz was inexplicably released from prison and paid monthly compensation of 1,300 marks.  SS Sturmbahnfuhrer and police chief W. Schroder received monthly pension of 1,000 marks plus a 65,000 marks settlement for damages caused to him by the allies in 1945, who used his villa as a make-shift medical unit for liberated concentration camp prisoners.  In 1955, the socialist democratic press in Berlin released estimates that ex-Nazi bank accounts scattered across Swiss, US and Caribbean banks still commanded a fortune of 20 billion marks including property titles worth millions at the time.    

Did Brussels forget German business concerns?  IG Farben, Krupp, Siemens, Thyssen, Flick, and Bayern murdered over 11 million people from all European countries in their slave labor camps and evil medical experiments.  IG Farben managers ordered prisoners no longer capable of labor to death.  Just one single slave labor factory of the giant IG Farben octopus turned by 1945 into a grave of 120,000.  Further, a barrage of proof exists that directors of IG Farben condoned and orchestrated a number of insane experiments in which thousands were basically tortured to death.  Punished? After receiving token sentences on the average of 2 years in Nurnberg, the 24 IG Farben tried directors were all freed and most of them actually returned to their positions within the company.  

Krupp, from Russia alone, stole 5 million people and turned them into slaves.  For most of them, this meant death.  Gustav Krupp was a close friend of Hitler’s.  He embraced Hitler philosophically and supported him financially.  Punished?  In 1956, the estimated worth of Alfried Krupp, the successor president of the Krupp industries, was over 1.05 billion marks, hived away in Swiss and US banks among other accounts.

Correspondence between directors of Bayern and Auschwitz concentration camp reveals the evil deeds committed by this firm.  Bayern negotiated with Auschwitz a price of 170 marks for one female prisoner to be used as a guinea pig in experiments with sleeping pills.  The last letter in the evidence files states that all 150 “purchased” women died in the experimentsandasks Auschwitz to supply more humans.  Punished?  Bayern never even had to answer to these murders.  The medical products of the firm are still on the shelves today.

Did Brussels forget American concerns that built and supported Hitler’s machine?  Let’s look at just a few of the many firms that helped Hitler, and thus, share guilt for the crimes against humanity. Standard Oil fueled Goering’s Luftwaffe.  Without this airplane-grade oil, which Roosevelt knowingly permitted to flow into the Third Reich throughout the war, Blitzkrieg would have been an impossibility and the cataclysm would have likely been averted.   IBM Chairman T. Watson met with Hitler and engineered a strategic business alliance, which endowed Hitler with technology and tools to reach for his evil goals.  IBM supplied computing equipment to Hitler even after the slaughter of Poland in 1939 and continued its support right through the war. Henry Ford was a close friend of Hitler’s.  Ford shared the madman’s ideologies and respected the man so much that he kept a Hitler’s picture on his desk in his office.  Ford received a Nazi decoration from Hitler for his friendship and financial support.  Ford supplied Hitler with trucks that were used throughout the war by the Nazis to carry military equipment, soldiers and prisoners.  Through subsidiaries, Ford managed repair facilities in Vichy France and Switzerland to maintain the Nazi truck fleet.  Chase Manhattan managed Nazi bank accounts that were swelled with loot as the Nazi conquest grew.  Punished?  As late as 2001, some lawsuits were filed against IBM by the holocaust victims’ relatives, but no real retribution was ever bestowed on Big Blue.  Though Ford today makes lukewarm, off-the-record references to the Nazi connection and their founder’s adulation of Hitler, Ford was never brought to justice.  In reality, all the American concerns that supported Hitler throughout the war only profited as stock graphs show.

Did Brussels forget the massive SS rehabilitation of 1956?  Theodor Blank, the West German minister of defense called on former SS members, the select elite of Hitler’s murderers, to join the Bundeswehr.  Following this international affront, by August 1956, the SS members were reinstated as officers to respective posts within West German Bundeswehr -- only 11 short years after they had murdered 55 million people across Europe.  The ensuing public uproar of the international community and protests from the International Military Tribunal weren’t enough to deter Germans from the full rehabilitation of these killers.  Could Brussels possibly mean “rehabilitation” when they say “punishment”?

Did Brussels forget the outrageously offensive make up of the post-war Bonn’s government?  Nearly all the diplomats of the Foreign Ministry were members of the NSDAP like: SA Obersturmbahnfuhrer von Etzdorf; SS Hauptsturmbahnfuhrer Gaerke, who worked in Hitler’s main department for racial questions; and SS Unterscharffuhrer Sonnenhol, who after taking off his swastika armband ironically became a Press Secretary for the execution of Marshall Plan.

Did Brussels forget SS Hauptsturmbahnfuhrer Waldemar Kraft?  He played his part in the SS ranks during the extremely savage assault on Poland so well that he received a promotion from the Reich minister Darre.  Punished?   Instead of a trial and a sentence, Kraft was once again promoted.  He became the minister for special assignments in the West Germany government.

Did Brussels forget the sordid deeds of Otto Brautigam?  Brautigam was proven by the international tribunal to have taken active part in mass murders of prisoners. Punished? Brautigam doffed his SS uniform and worked for the Foreign Office in Bonn as the minister for “Eastern Questions.”  This caused a worldwide outcry and when the pressure from the international protests became insurmountable, the Adenauer administration transferred Bratigam to a less visible post of a consulate in Honk-Kong.

And so on and on… (There are hundreds of pages that could follow here but the point must be evident even to the architects of this odious EU reasoning.)

Since Brussels says that Nazis were punished, the leadership of EU is either (a) totally insane, (b) flat out lying or (c) both.  Unfortunately, the diametrical difference between reality and the audacious EU claim offers no other conclusion.

Sources: Der Stern #42, 1956; Berlin protocols of Sachsenhausen process in 1947; Himmler’s correspondence; Hitler’s correspondence; SS Im Einsatz; select Nurnberg Tribunal documents; German Economy Ampt documents, 1952, pg 16/17; Munchner Merkur;  Soldaten Zeitung; Die Welt, 1956;  Suddeutsche Zeitung, 1956;  C. Higham’s Trading With The Enemy; E. Black’s IBM And The Holocaust

Pater Havlasa


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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova