Lessons of history to be learned are tragic litany of mistakes made by the human race

Learning the lessons of history

Over the past year, I have been watching myriad WWII era documentaries readily available (for now) on the internet. They have been popping up with increasing frequency in the past few years and some even have hundreds of thousands of views demonstrating a resurgent interest in WWII history. Though I was born some 20 years after WWII ended, I have always been interested in WWII history. However, during this past pandemic, I have observed much symmetry and repetition of the conditions that led to WWII today as we have entered a very dangerous era of corporate globalist control of humanity. Watching many of these documentaries, it is immediately evident how brutal, savage, inhuman, immoral and barbaric wars can be — which few Americans today understand in an era where violence is immaturely and unrealistically glorified by Hollywood. It was also immediately evident how much the Allies, particularly the Soviet Union sacrificed to defeat Nazi Germany, purging the world from this parasitic, destructive and evil menace. In the case of the Soviet Union, at least 27 million souls were lost. No greater sacrifice was ever made in human history.

The vast majority of German losses were sustained on the Eastern Front (80% of their casualties). The Nazis were the most vicious when fighting Slavic peoples — particularly Orthodox Christians — because of their "need” for lebensraum and deep-rooted jealousy. The invading and racist Germanic hordes clearly had no understanding of the Slavic soul, true, unadulterated and undiluted (Orthodox) Christianity, and Slavic resistance as they sought to enslave and destroy Slavic peoples in all of Eastern Europe, wreaking havoc, genocide and scorched earth wherever they marched and trundled Eastward, and later in retreat Westward. The ultimate irony is that the defeat would be organized by the same communists (originally led by Lenin) that the Germans had desperately funded and sent into Imperial Russia during WWI to knock Russia out of that war.

After WWII, as the Cold War era rapidly dawned and the Iron Curtain formed, Western powers conveniently forgot about the Nazi brutality against Russia as Western propaganda consistently sought to downplay the Russian role in defeating the Nazis and which enabled democracy to flourish in Western Europe, bringing decades of prosperity there. Former Nazi criminals such as Kurt Waldheim (who had committed atrocities against Serbian civilians in Nazi-occupied Serbia) even became the UN Secretary General! An American high school in New York is even named after Catholic Archbishop Alojzije Stepinac, a convicted Croatian WWII-era criminal who tacitly supported the genocide against Serbian Orthodox Christians, Jews and Gypsies in the Nazi-puppet "Independent State of Croatia.”

Nazis were suddenly useful to the CIA and other Western military organizations (e.g. Wehrner Von Braun for developing rocket technology) and many Nazi war criminals escaped justice via the Vatican's "Ratlines”.

As a consequence, facts about WWII were conveniently discarded and censored, and subsequent generations of Westerners were never taught what really happened on the Eastern Front during WWII. It was pathetic that many Western leaders did not attend the 70th anniversary of the defeat of the Nazis in Russia which was a great sign of disrespect. Many of Hitler's generals (who for political reasons were not executed for their crimes against humanity) sought to whitewash history and exculpate themselves from blame for Germany's catastrophic loss by writing books providing desperate excuses (the Russian winter, madman Hitler, supply problems, endless of waves of "stupid,” "disorganized” and "robotic” Soviets, feigned ignorance of massacres of civilians and mistreatment of prisoners of war, etc.) which were well-received and largely believed in the West but gave a totally inaccurate version of what really happened.

Today, motorcyclists still wear copies (or maybe originals?) of the ugly Nazi helmets and neo-Nazis still flourish in the US. Comments from armchair "warriors” on YouTube WWII documentaries are filled with "what if the Germans did this and this” or "if only they did this…” when Monday night quarterbacking the famous WWII battles, as if they are rooting for the Nazis. Nazi apologists claim that Stalin was more brutal than Hitler as a classic deflection tactic. [Stalin may have been brutal but he wasn't a racist. Hitler wanted to exterminate the Slavs, Jews, Gypsies and other "undesirables”/"untermensch” non-Germans. This is an important difference.] Some people still deny that large-scale unprecedented genocides of Serbs, Russians, Ukrainians, Poles, Belarusians, Gypsies, Jews and many other non-Germanic peoples ever occurred or actively seek to minimize/reduce the casualty numbers. These revisionists seek to glorify and rehabilitate the Nazis plain and simple.

Today, just as the Nazi troops preparing to invade the Soviet Union just before June 22, 1941, NATO is making a lot of trouble on the borders of Russia and has been marching relentlessly Eastward since the fall of the Berlin Wall. It even acted outside of its Charter when it savagely and illegally bombed Serbia in 1999. The organization (which was ostensibly created as a defensive counter to the now defunct Soviet Union) seems hell bent on repeating history based on faulty comprehension of the Russian people to the point that it may provoke WWIII which no one will win and we will all lose.

I am deeply worried that, just as the Nazis (who never understood Russia as they foolhardily sought to conquer the world's largest nation by area), neither does NATO which aggressively seeks to do the same.

It is very clear that Western "elites,” corporations and governments have coveted Russia's vast natural wealth and "lebensraum” for centuries — especially recently as climate change will make those natural resources ever more precious to the globalists. They appear literally willing to provoke WWIII to plunder them.

Watching documentaries on the Battle of Stalingrad, one of the most vicious and deadly battles ever fought in human history, it is immediately obvious how resolutely the Russians defended their territory when cornered which stunned the Nazis who had up until then had a relatively easy time invading, destroying, plundering, and conquering other nations such as France, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Yugoslavia (Serbia), Czechoslovakia, Poland among others. The Nazis had, up until the Battle of Moscow in December of 1941, originally thought that the Soviet Union would be easily defeated in a matter of six weeks! Yet, despite the initial successes of the Nazis in 1941 (due in part to Stalin's earlier purge of Soviet military leaders and his "deer in the headlights” inaction), the Russian people understood what was at stake and fought with everything they had for their homeland ("rodina”). This had little to do with politics but everything to do with the realization that the Nazis were engaged in an unprecedentedly brutal genocidal race war against them.

Stalingrad was a morale-boosting turning point for WWII in 1942, especially for the Russians, as the subsequent battle of Kursk, retaking of Sevastopol, rescue of Leningrad, Operation Bagration, and other victories would soon beat back and drive out the barbaric Nazi invaders culminating in the encirclement and destruction of Berlin by the Soviet armies. Few in the West have any real idea what the Russians and other Orthodox Christians (e.g. the Serbs and the Greeks) endured from the Nazis and the sacrifices they made to defeat them. This is why Western globalists and "strategists" still fantasize that they will defeat, breakup and enslave Russia on this recurring fool's errand. They will never understand Russia. They are just too blinded by their own perceived "superiority” to see anything realistically just as the Nazis only saw everything through racist and rose colored glasses.

Why is it so critical to realize this? We Americans will be fighting our own "Stalingrad” battles for our own freedom at the hands of "elites” and the globalist corporations they own very soon as a sharply divided America descends into corporate-managed chaos and the economy struggles under a crushing 20 trillion dollar debt. The "color revolution” methods developed, honed and implemented to first destroy Yugoslavia and its largest republic, Serbia, in the 1990s and subsequently in many other countries such as the Ukraine, Syria, Libya, and Georgia are now being used here in the US. The crushing fascism that fosters corporate- and party-controlled censorship and propaganda, persecution of those who speak out and dare to think differently, race baiting and brownshirt thugs/mobs is here. Nothing is new. We've seen this before and we know what is likely to come lest this evil continue unchallenged.

Though the modes of fighting, mayhem and murder may have changed and more subtly evolved somewhat from the merciless and "omnipotent” mechanized Panzer tank armies, flame throwers, U boats, phosgene, Zyklon B, V2 rockets, and blitzkrieg of the past, the objectives will always remain the same: Use novel technology to destroy your enemy both physically and psychologically to enslave and terrorize them, blame the victim, encourage fifth column village idiots to do your dirty work, and make sure your version of "history”/propaganda sticks. We, ordinary plebeians, are all the enemy. But as the globalist "elites” continue their relentless centuries - old dreams of stealing the Earth at our expense and returning to the feudalistic Middle Ages using these advanced technologies - there will always be ways to negate and defeat their sinister efforts just as the Russians figured out how to defeat the Nazis' "superior” technology during WWII. Anything created by humans can be ultimately overcome by humans. Big Brother surveillance can be easily shut down/dismantled. High powered, brain/tissue heating 5G towers can be disconnected or EMP'd out. Drones can be easily brought or shot down. Antidotes can be created to counteract tainted/genetically-modified organisms, viruses and toxins, that are created to infect and/or poison the human populace. "Informational” subcutaneous microchips can be shorted out/removed. Virtual money can be moved and evaporate in less than a microsecond. Ill-gotten gains (properties, luxury items, bank accounts) can be confiscated, etc. Where there is a will, there is always a way.

As we reflect on Memorial Day here in America, we should acknowledge and celebrate the sacrifices of all humans who fought for their freedom and for our freedom. When any portion of humanity is enslaved, we are all enslaved as this is never what God intended for us. We must also learn the lessons of history — which are really just a tragic litany of mistakes made by the human race which has drifted ever farther from its Creator amidst the cosmic loneliness of this strange four-dimensional spacetime pond known as our universe. There will be suffering — much suffering — and chaos, as human nature remains unchanged with its potential to do tremendous good and horrific evil. But, God willing, evil will never last. The key is to never accept defeat just as the Russians and other Allies did over 80 years ago, pray, seek peace instead of war, and expose evil wherever and whenever it rears its ugly head. Only God gives us our freedom. The globalists will never be able to permanently take our freedom away. They are not God despite what they may believe. Their days as Satan's servants are numbered.

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Author`s name Michael Pravica
Editor Dmitry Sudakov