2003 revisited

This year, humankind took a giant step backwards
2003 saw the most blatant example of total disrespect for world public opinion, the international community, the rule of law and the norms of diplomacy when every fibre of human decency was torn apart by the shocking act of butchery perpetrated by Washington and London.

In their insult to the United Nations in general and Nobel Peace Prize-Winner Kofi Annan in particular, along with Hans Blix’s UNMOVIC and Mohammed El-Baradei’s IAEA inspection teams, the perpetrators of the outrage which was the illegal attack against Iraq used belligerence, bullying and blackmail as tools in their crisis management policies instead of the founding principles of democracy – discussion, debate and dialogue. Democracy is a word that Washington likes to preach but evidently not to practise.

In flagrant disregard of the UN Charter and breaching the terms of the Geneva Convention, an act of mass murder on an unprecedented scale in recent history was launched by a Washington regime which with every step it takes, shakes the cornerstone of civilization, breaks the fabric of decency and flouts international law.

Washington and London must be accountable for their illegal and murderous act and those responsible must be brought to justice. This said, humankind must move on, never forgetting this outrage and making sure that such brutal, inhumane barbarity is never again allowed to take place.

The international community is still reeling from Washington and London’s Anglo-Saxon crusade of self-righteous savagery. It is to be hoped that 2004 will see civilization reestablished, with the fundamental principles of democracy respected and not reviled.


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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov