For America, 'freedom' means only one thing — 'freedom to do as they please'

Challenge to America's global dominance is long overdue

After Allied victories at the end of WWII, the US anointed itself as the leader of the modern-day world in all aspects, and fully expects all countries to follow its lead, and dictates. Such high-handedness and unmitigated hubris must be challenged, and now is the time. Therefore, President Xi of China is to be commended for his brave, first step.

We should remember that Americans vote for their own political leaders which is for their country, and nowhere else. The arrogance and presumption of being the world authority to be obeyed and ‘under-their-thumb’ has gone on far too long; such a self-appointed coronation needs adjustment by other world powers. No one outside of the US has a vote in their leadership and, by the same token, America has no right in anyone else’s.

The US recently complained of outside interference in their last election but, since 1945, they themselves have interfered in numerous elections around the world and have committed more black-ops, political assassinations than any other nation in the world to ensure that their preferred candidate wins. Once their puppet is in place, they are assured of controlling that country and, to date, America has repeated this method of control many dozens of times with bribes of money, dictatorial power, and armaments.  

In the book, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (1984), by American TV host, Chuck Barris, he outlines how he was recruited by a US intelligence agency to travel to various countries of the world ‘under cover’ to commit 33 ‘hits’ (political assassinations) which were authorized by the CIA. And, it should be noted, that all of these murders were first approved by the US president-of-the-day.

When an American president stands on his soapbox and pronounces another nation’s leader a ‘murderer’, he should look to himself first, and consider how he will answer for his crimes when, and ‘if’, he arrives at the ‘pearly gates’.

Having the United Nations buildings in New York is another global sore point; it simply emboldens Americans in their belief of ‘divine right’ to world leadership, and suggests entitlement. This must stop, and the UN should be moved to more neutral territory. Of course, the one nation which will oppose this is America which, again, illustrates its misbegotten notion that they – and only ‘they’ – have the right to dominate the world.

When certain world leaders wish to appear at the UN, the US believes that it has the right to prevent them from entering the US and prohibiting them from representing their country and voicing their opinion at the UN; this is patently unfair. 

For America, the only opinion that matters is America’s; this warped view must be challenged and necessary corrections made. Since 1945, America has become an insufferable, arrogant, overbearing, self-righteous, self-serving, power-hungry, military-driven nation with an attitude and belief that it is right in all things and that their political views, and beliefs, must prevail globally, and their every dictum be followed.   

The world has changed dramatically since the new millennia began, but America’s view of itself and the world has not. Whereas the nations and people of Earth have witnessed these changes, and adjusted to them, America remains soundly rooted in its belief of authoritative rights, and is in a state of denial.

Their steadfast view of their predominant position in any new, world order remains the same and is bound to draw the world into another nuclear showdown led, of course, by America’s military commanders.

In recent weeks, China has indicated that they are no longer willing to follow the dictates of the US, and their NATO allies. Their views and authority are being challenged, and rightly so. With America representing only 330 million people from a global population of 7 billion, they are the New-age Incas determined to rule it according to their beliefs, their decisions, and their dictates without regard for anyone else’s wishes and needs. Believing in their own superiority, they seek hegemony in the world with themselves at the helm, and as its primary, economic beneficiaries.

Today, regional powers of the world are shifting and changing rapidly and America is no longer viewed and accepted as ‘the’ authority on all matters. With such diversity of opinion, there is little future hope that the US will be able to continue its self-appointed position as dictator of political beliefs, and the belief that only they can choose the political leaders to be elected in other nations. Unfortunately, their dreams of a global empire are rapidly disintegrating.

And, if the US is looking for a ‘Re-set’ button on the world stage, they should first do some navel-gazing of their own system. As a country in serious, political turmoil and dramatic, widespread, social disarray, the US has no business dictating what other nations should believe, what governments should be elected, what political systems to establish, and who their leaders and elected representatives should, or should not, be. 

 For America, ‘freedom’ means only one thing - ‘freedom to do as they please’, but, of course, this luxury does not extend to anyone else.

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Author`s name David Harasym
Editor Dmitry Sudakov