You Think Saddam Was Brutal?

Look how England has treated the Irish

Now that we have transformed Iraq, I would ask the powers that be to consider one of the last ancient oppressive empires on the face of this planet, known to have carried out the crimes of military occupation - torture, starvation and exile as a means of conquest. You thought Saddam was brutal! The Irish people have suffered for a thousand years and are still subjugated.

The British Empire ruled by England is an empire we fought against as Americans to obtain our own freedom. Now is the time for all good freedom loving Americans to come to the aid of the Irish people. We don't have oil, but American companies operating out of Ireland will have automatic access to the European market. Please help rid us of their tyranny and we can both enjoy a financial reward from access to Europe.

John J. Kiernan
[email protected]

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Author`s name Olga Savka