Han Verlinden: Unhealthy

Right now the US government is seduced by it's own military strength  and we will see amazing things happening in the near future caused by a  government drunken by power, arrogance and greed and a population  handicapped in its judgement by patriotism, fear and an ignorance which  is hard to imagine.
I hope that Russia will regain it's military strength. Russia has always  had a touch of genius and is without any doubt capable to encounter the US in the future by developing unmatched advanced weaponry, specially  surface to air.

 The situation right now with only one super power is a very dangerous  one and unhealthy for everybody, the US population included.   The American people have high regards for their country as being the  best, the bravest, the most powerful, the most righteous, the noblest,  the most benign and they sincerely believe, at least the majority who  haven't woken up yet, that their government is only driven by lofty  intentions not realizing that if they knew what their government has  been doing abroad in their name for the last decades "they would be  utterly appalled" (Chomsky).   As long as the American people is caught up in this belief and are not  willing or are not able to pay attention to American foreign policy and demand to have a say in it, there will come a moment that the rest of the world will unite against the US.  Given the fact that their government is now mainly under control of big money I hope that a strong (and wiser) Russia will create a needed counter balance.
Han Verlinden

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Author`s name Michael Simpson