USA Imperialistic Hegemony is Dying

USA imperialistic hegemony is dying

Nancy O'Brien Simpson

“I think Vladimir Putin would continue to march through Western Europe if he was allowed.  I think he might go to the Balkans next…he might have a showdown with Poland or one of our NATO allies. I believe Xi [Jinping], Vladimir Putin and Iran are an axis of evil. I believe they’re in coordination on it.”  

Mike Johnson Speaker of the House

The original "Axis of Evil" came from George Bush a phrase first heard globally in his State of the Union address in January 2002 after the 9/11 attacks on America.  He was referring to Iran, Iraq, and North Korea.

Intelligence official

A high level US intelligence official says China is the "greatest threat to democracy and freedom" since World War Two. Writing in the Wall St Journal, John Ratcliffe said China was growing its power by stealing US secrets and then replacing US firms in the market.

Even the affable Jimmy Carter 40 years ago, in 1981, mentioned the Soviet Union negatively 62 times, largely in response to its “illegal invasion” of Afghanistan. It was the most any president had talked about Russia or the Soviet Union in a speech.

The need for an external enemy

I could continue with literally hundreds of references to China and Russia as the mortal enemies of the United States.  Why?  Because the USA always has to have an enemy to hate.  It always has to be projecting some evil boogy man country or foreign leader into the psyche of the American people to justify its war machine.  The military-industrial complex that President Dwight Eisenhower warned us about.    

When I was young it was the commie Viet Cong, or the hated commie Fidel Castro.  You know what we did in Vietnam, we napalmed 'em.  Cuba?  We sanctioned them into perpetual poverty.  Our CIA tried dozens of times to assassinate Fidel Castro.  Heck, we invaded Cuba in the Bay of Pigs we were going to conquer.  When John Kennedy denied air power the invasion fizzled and it likely cost Kennedy his life.  

Then there was hunting down the dreaded Osama Bin Laden.  And, oh how we cheered when we murdered him.  And, how about the dastardly Sadaam Hussain?  We showed him who was boss we destroyed his country with our "shock and awe" over the non-existent weapons of mass destruction.  Then we smugly watched as he was hung.  

And, what about Muammar Qadhafi i?  Christopher M. Davidson writes in Middle East Policy:

"This article will draw heavily on this extensive and now accessible new evidence to demonstrate how the 2011 Arab Spring phenomenon was soon manipulated by external actors to provide diplomatic cover for the calculated dismantling of a Libyan regime that had remained largely resistant to the opening up of its economy to Western investment and, inconveniently, was still able to count on a significant domestic support base. Furthermore, it will be shown that, by this stage, the Libyan regime had not only failed to establish itself as a reliable partner in the long-running U.S. “War on Terror,” but had emerged as one of the strongest voices opposing the expansion of NATO and U.S. military power onto the African continent."

It boils down to this, if another country does not do the will of the USA it will suffer the consequences.  We have the economic sanctions and the military might to bring any smaller country to its knees.  We have 800 military bases in 100 countries all over the world.  

Now we want to make China, Russia, and Iran our "Axis of Evil".  Russia is going to invade all of Europe we tell our people.  China is out to steal our secrets and rig our elections.  However, the world is getting wise to the USA.  She is no longer the imperialist hegemon that the world prostrates before.  

In the recent vote to allow Palestine into the United Nations every single country on the Security Council voted to let Palestine join with the UK and Switzerland abstaining.  Every country joined together except one.  One country vetoed their joining.  You guessed it the good ole US of A.  The world community came together and it was obvious who was not a part of it.  

BRICs will grow stronger and the more militaristic the US remains the more the other countries of the world will join together in a movement towards peace.  We hope for a younger generation who can dream of a world where hate and war do not rule.  No country is perfect nor will it ever be however we can come together in our imperfections to work for peace.  

The time of fear, hate, and demonizing one another is coming to an end.  The reign of the USA marred by war, crippling economic sanctions, assassinations, and CIA black op prisons is slowly dying. May we all hope for a time when the world's nations can become a community of mutuality and respect.  

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Author`s name Nancy O'Brien Simpson