Americans Are Finally Policing the Police

In America we have a few "sayings" about police:

  • "There is no situation a cop can't make worse",
  • "Back the blue, until it happens to you,"

and the best one, which is recommended by most all attorneys is:

"Don't talk to cops. Give them the documents they require and shut up. DO NOT TALK TO COPS!"

I hate cops. American cops are low IQ psychopaths. There are no good cops. If there were any good cops, they'd be arresting their law breaking cop buddies. They don't.

There is a huge difference between cops and Police Officers. Police Officers obey the law and respect the Constitutional Rights of people in America. Sometimes they do report criminal activity by their "comrades”, but it is rare. The payback can be severe on them and their families. I can't blame them for being scared of cops. Cops are dirty and will violate any Rights and break any law, including murder to protect their illegal activities. Lots of cops have been arrested for being drug dealers and protecting drug dealers for a handsome fee or a piece of the action. And some perform murder for hire or to shut up witnesses. American cops are the modern gangsters.

Cops in America are just driving around looking for somebody they can harass and maybe escalate the situation to a point where they can beat the person or arrest the person, male or female, they don't care. Cops in America are nothing but low IQ psychopath street punks looking to mug innocent, defenseless citizens. A lot of police departments will not hire a new officer if his IQ is 110 or above.

Cops lie. Cops have been given legal permission to lie by the US Supreme Court. I understand that if a police officer is doing undercover work, some situations require that officer to lie so as not to get himself or other's killed. But cops take it to the extreme:

  • "I'll talk to the judge for you."
  • "If you cooperate, we'll get you a lighter sentence."
  • "I'm a police officer. You are required (Not true in any State) to show your identification if a police officer asks you for it."
  • "I saw you do it".
  • "Your buddy confessed and you'll take the heat if you don't confess."

And it just goes on and on. They are low life street thugs with a badge and a gun, trying to find a reason to beat or arrest a person. Cops have been known to plant drugs or other false evidence on somebody just to get an arrest.

Police officers have been given "Qualified Immunity". This means they can't be sued or arrested for the harm they cause a citizen in the lawful performance of their duties……IF, they don't violate any Constitutional Rights or violate any legal statutes. But too many stupid cops and Sheriffs and Police Chiefs think Qualified Immunity means they can get away with anything they want. They abuse their authority and violate laws anytime they want, because the idiots think "Qualified Immunity" allows them to. Police departments do not train new or current police officers on the Constitutional Rights of citizens. Most of their training is on how to physically subdue the citizen and how to cause pain, which they call "Pain Compliance". And they love to argue, using "Verbal Judo” trying to trip you up until you make a mistake that can justify an arrest or a beating.

One of their favorite toys is a Taser. A Taser shoots out two darts into their target. Then they push a button that sends a high voltage charge into the citizen. A Taser is billed as "non-lethal" but many people have been killed by Tasers. This mainly happens when the cop is having fun and keeps pushing the shock button. They call it "Light Him Up" and they laugh about it and brag about how they "lit up" someone. They think it is quite humorous to light someone up, causing intense pain and making the person feel like he is being murdered. And when they find out they were wrong, they offer no apologies. This is a characteristic of a psychopath: No remorse.

A cop can lose his Qualified Immunity if he violates any legal statute or Constitutional Right. Unfortunately for the cop, he's too stupid and ignorant to know the laws he is violating and as far as Constitutional Rights are concerned, most cops have no idea what "Constitutional Rights" mean. They are required to take an Oath to protect and defend the Constitution, but are not required to know those Constitutional Rights. It's too tough for cops to take 10 minutes and learn the very few Constitutional Rights pertaining to the citizens they deal with.

Police departments and cities use taxpayer money to pay legal costs, fines and lawsuits for crooked cops who violated Constitutional Rights or laws. Most towns and cities have insurance to pay those costs and look at it like free money to keep right on abusing citizens. But, some cities have lost their insurance due to an enormous amount of lost lawsuits. And some cops have lost their qualified immunity due to violating laws and Rights. When a filthy cop loses his qualified immunity, he personally is responsible to pay off any court fines, penalties or lawsuits or go to jail. Even with that and without insurance, and everybody knows the cop is a crook, some departments or the cities will pay their fees and penalties from taxpayer money. This is State sponsored theft of Public Funds.

The United States Postal service delivers mail to millions of homes every day and the mail carriers have never shot a dog. But according to a study done by the University of New Hampshire Law Review in 2018, cops in America shoot 10,000 dogs a year. And according to a United State Department of Justice study in 2014, cops shoot 25 to 30 dogs each day, which is about 9,000 to 11,000 dogs a year and in fact, could be 10 times higher than that, but no agency keeps statistics on animal shootings. A lot of those dogs getting shot are wagging their tails, happy to meet a new visitor, a lot are behind a secure fence and a lot are tied up, quite a distance away from the murdering low IQ psychopathic savages.

American cops kill more people per capita than any police agency in the World.

These are some of the reasons some American cities have had "Defund the Police" demonstrations. But firing all police is not the answer. The answer is to apply the same laws equally and end Qualified Immunity. Strip the immunity away and run them through the same Justice system just like any other law breaking criminal. When cops know they will be held responsible for their corrupt and criminal behavior, most will quit the job and the stupider ones will lose their job before going to prison.

Americans are fed up with cops and there is one group of people making some huge changes in Police Accountability. These people are getting cops arrested and sued, without their Qualified Immunity, to protect them. It is a beautiful sight to see an arrogant cop in Court, smirking, knowing his Qualified Immunity will save him and then see the look on their face then the Judge says, "You have lost your Qualified Immunity. Trial will proceed." They look just like what they are: Cry baby, mommy's boy bullies.

The camera is a cop's worst enemy. They are scared to death of cameras. Cameras don't lie. They catch all the illegal and un-Constitutional violations.

There is an un-organized group of individual citizens all across America policing the police. They are called "Cop Watchers" or "First Amendment Auditors". Cop watchers listen to the police radios and when they hear of a police stop, they go to the scene and film everything the cops do. Cops hate them. First Amendment Auditors don't wait for police calls, they go out to a public place and film that public place, like an airport or a Post Office or other government offices. The Supreme Court of the United States of America has ruled that any citizen has a Constitutional Right to film government workers in the performance of their duties. Citizens have a Constitutional Right to inspect what government workers are doing. It comes under the First Amendment of "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

But most cops and government workers are too ignorant to know the citizen's Rights and too stupid to care, so conflict occurs. Cops are called and when they show up, the "auditor" explains the law and the Rights. Sometimes the police officer listens and maybe agrees or makes a call to his department attorney who will again explain the law and the Constitutional Right that the officer is violating. Then, 99% of the time the officer explains to the government workers that the photographer can do what he is doing and leaves. Problem over.

It seems about half or more are too smart to make that call, continue to violate the auditors Rights and threaten to arrest the auditor or actually do arrest the auditor. Then the auditor sues the police officer, his police department and the city. And many times the auditor wins the case and gets awarded money and makes the police department train all officers on the First Amendment. Not that that does any good to some cops. They keep right on violating people's Rights. Some are being criminally charged like any other criminal, after they lose their Qualified Immunity and sit in front of a Jury and then, bye-bye dirty cop. Off to jail they go.

There are thousands of videos on YouTube documenting corrupt cops and other public employees. Just type in the YouTube search bar some phrases like: 1st Amendment Auditors, Cop Watchers, First Amendment audits. While you're having fun with that you can also type in: Police officer arrested, cop arrested, cop charged, cop jailed, etc.
These videographers started doing this about 15 years ago. I first came across them about 12 years ago. It was infuriating to watch dirty cops and not seeing them punished. But then things changed. I started seeing more and more videos of cops getting arrested and sued and ending up in jail. Now, it was getting fun. Cameras made all the difference and now cops, local, County, State and Federal, are scared to death of a citizen with a camera. Some cops have been shot, some shot and killed where the shooter is not charged because the dirty cop was illegally assaulting the innocent citizen.

If you are interested in seeing some of these videos, just for amusement or to learn how to do it yourself, here are some of the original and best cop videographers. I respect all of them. Type in your YouTube search bar:

  • "PINAC" (photography is not a crime). One of the oldest, maybe the original, considered to be the Guru of cop watchers.
  • "Honor Your Oath Civil Rights Investigator". This guy is smooth. He dresses like he is homeless, but he is only masquerading.
  • "San Joaquin Valley Transparency". One of the oldest and best. He trains many new videographers.
  • "Tulare County Cop Watch". He is fantastic. Does not back down from dirty cops.
  • "North Carolina Tyrant Hunter". A country boy who takes no guff from rotten cops.
  • "Shaun Porter". Want to hear somebody really viciously, legally tear into a dirty cop? Shaun's your guy.
  • "James Madison". A former police officer, cool as a cucumber, going after dirty cops.
  • "We the People University". A former police officer and Sheriff's deputy who critiques dirty cop videos.
  • "James Freeman". Bold and strongly resistant to bad cops.

These people are making serious changes in corrupt police departments and rearranging dirty cop's lives. There are dozens, maybe thousands more doing this all over America and more in the United Kingdom. These UK guys are so incredibly polite when they tear up a dirty cop, using the law, logic and reasoning. You can almost feel sorry for the dirt bag cop. One of the things I like about the British, is the way they can insult you and you won't even know it, until the next day, even if you ever do figure it out.

James Freeman said something interesting to a police sergeant he was having a cordial conversation with:

"We can have opposing opinions. I have no desire to kill you for your different opinion. But you are willing to kill me if my opinion is different than yours."

Think about that. It has been proven true in many different scenarios.

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Author`s name Mark S. McGrew
Editor Dmitry Sudakov