The Ukraine, The Economy, The World…It WILL Get Better

Top of the bat…I do not hate Ukrainians…Okay, excepting Cosplay.

(You got me on that one, Dear Readers.)

Otherwise? For the most part, while I tease, I feel the average Ukrainians are basically indoctrinated people who have been sold a bill of propaganda without really understanding the stakes of fighting.

Moreover…there is this dirty little secret of mine…

I watch them die.

The Underbelly of Being Clever

Not that I want to do such a thing. In fact, it is the absolute worst part of my work here.

Yet I feel it is morally incumbent upon me to force myself to witness the realities of war.

Obviously, I intellectually "know” what battle entails — but seeing is feeling.

So every day, either before or after one of these pieces, I get on the tubes and watch some fellow I never knew and have no connection to get killed.

And in some small part it is my fault.

This is because I confidently believe it is not in the interest of Americans to fund Ukrainians. There is no doubt in my being we have no part in this conflagration other than what crooked politicians force upon us. That the only way to extricate ourselves and end the agony for the average Ukrainians is to back away before things get any worse.

All the same, I viscerally watch the consequences of my intentions.

The Russia-Ukraine Conflict — Also Involving Russians?

Living in the United States it is nearly impossible to get away from the Controlled Media jingoism.

There has never — and likely never will be — any Mass Media "journalist” who comprehends that any Russian who suffers is worthy of sympathy, let alone empathy.

When a ship was recently sunk in the Black Sea the amount of "reporters” who made the same "joke” about it becoming a submarine was almost incalculable.

Over 80 men died. That is not funny. It is not a joke.

Moreover, as one may have gathered from above, neither I nor any serious person believes it is comical or worthy of a "cute quip” to make light of any dead Ukrainian fighter.

That was a man. He had a family. Someone loved him.

It's not funny when someone dies, Newsreaders.

Neither Ukrainians…nor Russians.

The Diaspora of Each is Under Immense Strain

Recently a friend of mine currently in Europe, who has a large family, is having trouble holding down steady employment, and is enduring immense strain…kind of snapped.

His young son had not been studying as he was supposed to do. Instead he had played Vidya for three hours.

The result was…unpleasant.

Importantly, my friend was not — and is not — a bad man. He is only a man trying to keep a roof over the head of his children as well as regularly feed them as well as desperately figure out how to make them a future.

All the while, no one currently drifting around the Continent knows when they can go home.

Beyond this is the reality that men are supposed to be "tough” and never show emotion and always have the answer and at the same time somehow "oppress” everyone else when all most of them are trying to do is simply live their lives.

It can try the soul of anyone.

As to where my friend is from — Ukraine or Russia — because according to Fake Journalists of the Controlled Media that somehow matters?

Both. He's Russian. His wife is Ukrainian.

So shut the hell up, smug overpaid American Newsreaders.

The Pearl of Great Price

I am in a divergent position. I have the privilege to view things from afar. I also have been in this forever.

Given my personal experiences, it would be easy to write an article nearly every day on some political shenanigans going on in the world…but what would such feats serve? Vanity? Ego?

To the extent possible, my position is to illuminate politics in ways the reader may never have heretofore considered — not to bore him or her with polemic diatribes. (To the extent possible!)

I liken my work here at Pravda to a piece of fine jewelry. That is to say, one might craft a pearl every day about war…but where is the string holding them all together, if our lives not be about peace?

Much better to entertain with Hollywood and Women two days of three before we return to killing.

(Also, speaking of jewelry, always purchase luxury brands when possible…much better investments!)

The Thing About Things? — NEVER As Bad As They Appear

Basically, this is less a letter to the Readership in America than it is to my fellows abroad.

There is a strain building in many which is palpable.

Individuals of cheerful and talkative disposition of long acquaintanceship have begun to be distant and act out in ways entirely contrary to their nature.

This is unsettling on a personal level and dangerous in the aggregate. Any time large groups of people begin to feel hopeless and restive the consequences are never good.

(No again, Newsreaders, this is not restricted to Russia and not indicative of social upheaval in Russia itself. It is dire because, contrary to your Sophomoric view of the world, no one can predict in what manner such turmoil will take. All we can assume is it will be different than as we presume it to be.)

So for anyone out there who is feeling the same as myself and many others…conditions will improve.

That may sound trite, but so does "Good morning!” or "Thank you!” or "Nice haircut!” which are things everyone needs to hear once in a while.

It will get better.

Really, it will.

No Other Advice Given

There will be no further self-help for anyone today, Sportsfans.

If this was a ridiculous harangue that makes no sense to you — SO MUCH THE BETTER! — and I mean it. Be happy you don't have any notion of what I speak. That means you are living a contented life, and I am sincerely pleased this is the case.

Only, if you are having a hard patch, it will get better. (Yes, repetitive, but I would type it a hundred more times if I was assured those tormented would pay attention long enough to credit this truth.)

But it honestly, sincerely, really, will get better.

So do what you need to do until then.

And know you are not alone.


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