Biden: From foul-mouthed oaf to slanderous, insolent guttersnipe

In accusing President Putin of murder, the US President opens himself up to accusations of slander. Put up or STFU!


I have never met the (for now) President of the United States of America, nor do I have any intention of doing so. I would have a more meaningful and rewarding conversation with someone lying half-naked on the streets of his capital city bawling obscenities, half-soiled, with a half-empty bottle of Jack Daniels beside him.

If he can’t control his own dogs…

I am not an ageist. My mother, whose opinion I respected greatly and continue to respect, had all her faculties about her until she passed away four years ago at the age of almost 92. But she was pleasant, humble, unobtrusive, deferential to all, consoling, highly intelligent, generous, forgiving and always tried to find solutions in seeing the other side. Not Biden. He is the opposite and I don’t care how old he is.What I hear is that he is unpleasant, insulting, rude, shouts and swears at employees and cannot even control his dogs. Now if he cannot control his pets, what qualification does he have to control his country, much less proclaim he is Leader of the Free world. Now what exactly is that supposed to mean?

What I see is someone who has claimed to be a competent lawmaker for the people but scratch the surface and what do we see? A warmonger. Someone whose political epitaph is studded with support for and active instigation of acts of murder, violence and destruction. He supported the illegal invasion of Iraq, in which up to a million people were murdered (Shock and Awe, remember?), his watch included the feather in his cap called Libya, where NATO breached UNSC Resolutions 1970 and 1973 (2011) (See my indictment of NATO political and military leaders at the time which was sent to all the legal institutions with power to judge the case but was met with an embarrassed wall of silence, as I intended. “Law Case of the Century” if the Net has not zapped it like so much evidence against NATO political and military leaders). In this outrage of international law, the country with the highest Human Development Index in Africa was bombed back to the stone age, destroyed, its electricity grid destroyed (war crime), its water supply bombed (war crime) and terrorists on NATO’s own lists of proscribed groups backed to topple a Government which was doing what? Demanding that foreign companies allow Africans the bulk of the income from their own resources.

Biden and Ukraine

And now we have the example of Ukraine, where Biden’s own son has been involved in the energy sector (Google up Buresma and Hunter Biden) and chatter about Biden and shale gas and Biden and transgenic cereals (another outrage). So, who the Hell is self-proclaimed Catholic  Biden to call anyone names, except his future cellmate, the Devil himself? Catholics do not murder people nor do they wrongly accuse others without a shred of evidence. So much for respect for the law.

Now back to the beginning. Biden’s reaction to the news of Aleksei Navalny’s death was “Putin did it”, or words to that effect. That is a serious allegation and if untrue, amounts to slander. So let us open the question further, in public here. How exactly, when, and where is President Putin supposed to have murdered Aleksei Navalny? I want dates, I want times, I want substance, I want to know the method used. So let President Biden now come forward and back up his serious allegation. Trouble is, he can’t, can he?

Where did he stand on Iraq? You guessed it…

What to expect of someone who backed the Iraq war, as a Senator, with access to information? I mean, I knew Saddam Hussein did not have Weapons of Mass Destruction and my resources were a laptop and an Internet connection. I was right, and Biden was wrong. When it was obvious that Libya would be invaded, when Biden was Vice-President, I made it clear in a series of articles that this was wrong, was a mistake and would have disastrous consequences. Again, I was right, and Biden was wrong. On Ukraine, I have claimed from the beginning that a diplomatic solution was the best way forward, I have pointed out that these nationality issues in certain parts of the world are highly complex and far deeper than shallow western media coverage would have its readers believe. I have pointed out that the way forward was the Minsk Agreement, drawn up by Moscow, avoiding conflict and settling the issue with Russian speaking Ukrainians living inside a Ukraine which respected the rights of all its citizens, respected their right to use their language, to teach Russian in schools, to practise their religion, to live in peace in their homes and villages, to vote for their political options in free and fair elections. Minsk would have respected Ukraine’s territorial integrity and would have put a stop to hordes of drug-crazed, drunken, psychotic Fascists bawling death threats against Russians (and Jews) and committing pogroms against Russian-speaking civilians.

What did Biden do? The answer is clear to see. For some reason, impossible to understand, Kiev told Moscow to go shove it, continued to murder thousands of civilians (14,000), banning political parties and denying people basic human rights. Look what happened next.

The Robinette spider at the centre of the web

The world, ladies and gentlemen, is stuck in a massive, gigantic spider’s web and the spider at the centre of the web is Joseph Robinette Biden. Yeah the second one is Robinette. Now I wouldn’t mind so much if this guy was not styled “Leader” of the free world. I never voted for him. However, I do have the right to my opinion, if that is his claim.

What really rankles with me is the sheer hatred reverberating around our planet at a time when we have the means and the technology to solve all our problems. The amount of money spent by NATO members on weapons systems to murder people is one point two thousand billion USD each and every year, enough to solve issues of endemic poverty, hunger and under-development globally, forever, in twelve months.

Part of the problem

But no. We have people like Joseph Robinette claiming to have been a great President but in fact, being part of the problem, not the solution. (Has anyone actually read his claims? A 6-year-old at grade school could blast massive holes in them within less than a minute). Hardly surprising, for someone described at the time as a poor pupil, an unexceptional student and who started his life “thinking of himdself as a Republican”. Now what the F…is this? Is this some kind of a joke, or what?

This world does not need people like Joseph Robinette as Presidents. What our planet needs is good governance in line with the 21st century, not the 1860s. Sabre-rattling comes after campaigns of demonology and demonology comes when there is the desire to control people through fear. If you want to control a guy, make him afraid. So invent some ogre, a THEM to justify the US. Find someone big and powerful, who dares to stand up to the West, and hey, you have a candidate, which by the way is dripping in mineral resources. Russia.

Putin 7 Biden 0

Russia, where President Putin has done far more for his people in 24 years than Joseph Roninette ever did for his in 50. And let us get something straight, Ladies and Gentlemen, in fact, sit down and listen, this is important. Look at the media around you and what do you see? Russophobic vitriol, red headlinbes about “Mad Vlad” (Vladimir Putin), hype and hysteria, none of it back up with facts. I mean, Biden just called President Putin a murderer and nobody bats an eyelid? What possible gain would President Putin get from Aleksei Navalny’s death? He wasn’t Leader of the Opposition, the Leader of the Opposition is leader of the political party with the second most votes, the Communist Party in this case. Navalny was a blogger, true, he was an opponent of President Putin but there are dozens of opponents registered as candidates in the forthcoming election. He  wasn’t in jail for being an opponent. Russia has laws, like anywhere else. Again, sympathy with his family and again, the death of anyone is a tragedy for families and loved ones. But ask yourself what gain would the President gain from the death of someone in prison? Was he a candidate in the election? Ask yourself Cui Bono? (Latin, To whose advantage?). 

The Hinchey rule 

And apply the Hinchey rule to the story. It works like this. Take a story from the Western media and place it before a mirror. OK Left is Right, front is back, top is bottom. Out is in. Try it out. Saddam had WMD. Hinchey rule? Saddam did not have WMD. Gaddafy was bombing his own people in Tripoli. Hinchey rule? Gaddafy was not bombing his people in Tripoli. NATO was not supporting terrorists in Libya. Hinchey rule? NATO was supporting terrorists in Libya. Putin murdered Navalny. Hinchey rule? Putin did not and why should he. Cui bono? No advantage to Putin whatsoever, just before an election. The victim was not a candidate, was not the Leader of the Opposition or Leader of anything. He was in jail. CIA? Ah, now THERE we would have someone or something that benefits. Get Putin a bad name, stir up trouble before an election, try to sow the seeds of a colour revolution. Hmmmmmmmmmm….. we’ve seen this one before ladies and gentlemen. Now maybe we understand why Biden was so quick to try to shift the blame.

Examine the history. What exactly has Russia done?

And over the years, what has Russia, or Putin, done, exactly? Did they invade Iraq? Did they side with terrorists in Libya? Did they side with terrorists in Syria, or fight against them? Did they side with human organs traffickers and terrorists in Kosovo? Have they told Israel it can do what the Hell it likes against Palestinian civilians, “defending” itself by murdering thousands of kids? Where do you see justification for that except in the Old Testament, which reads as a terrorist manual? Or from the US Shock and Awe A and its yapping chihuahuas?

Russia conducted a measured retaliation against Georgia back in 2008 when it attacked and murdered Russian peacekeeping troops and prepared to invade Abkhazia, true. It could have bombed the crap out of the place, as in a shock and awe campaign but didn’t. And then Ukraine, where Russia started with a peace initiative (the above-mentioned Minsk Agreements) which Kiev refused, instructed by whom? And that’s it.

No, that, ladies and gentlemen, is…it. I know nobody likes conflict, I know people die in military operations. Tears taste of salt. Death stinks. I get it. Families get sad losing a loved one. I lost my mum in 2020 and still haven’t recovered. As I said before, nobody is gloating over anyone’s death, be they Russians, Ukrainians, NATO personnel disguised as mercenaries, Israelis, Palestinians or anyone else.

More deplomacy and development, less deployment

People are people. So what we need in our world today are fewer Joseph Robinettes and more leaders who favour development and education. Less deployment, more development. No weapons, no war. Less war politicians fuelled by hatred and more People Politicians fuelled by love, of people, and of our planet. No fostering tensions and stresses and conflicts, no goading people into rebellion, no colour revolutions, no interference but more emphasis on knowledge sharing. More empathy. More respect. More emotional intelligence. This is the key to less extremism, less desperation, less marginalisation, less terrorism and more awareness, out of which arises Diplomacy and finding solutions and accepting peaceful solutions when they are proposed.

So back to square one. I am a dog “owner” and throughout my life I have done a lot more listening and reading than speaking and writing, meaning I only write when I have a good idea what I am writing about. President Joseph Robinette Biden, it seems, neither controls his dogs, nor controls his speech because he is too arrogant to listen and read (probably not his strong point).

I put “owner” in inverted commas because I do not consider that I own any of my pets. I cohabit with them. This means I observe them and listen to them and try to understand them half-way, so we live together in peace. Nobody gets bitten in my house, even though I have had dogs with issues. I also observe and listen to people, meaning I look at all sides of a story and raise questions as to the veracity of claims. So, President Biden calls President Putin a murderer. Now, President Biden, put up and prove what you say or lie open to accusations of slander and STFU.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey can be contacted at [email protected]

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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey