Don’t Be a Dummy, Donald – There’s Only One Viable Vice President

If there is anyone better than Biden at being President — it's anybody else.

Except no matter what We The People believe about this epic failure of an administration, The System will do everything possible to ensure Smugly McSenile remains in power…or more correctly stated, remains in a position to be controlled by power.

As a result, likely challenger Donald Trump has to not only defeat the Democratic nominee but the Bank Interests, Media Interests and Pharma Interests, not to mention Military Industrialists, to win.

That is a daunting undertaking and more than one man alone can accomplish.

It may even be more than one political party can accomplish.

What remains to be seen is whether even a coalition of The People can overcome these entrenched entities.

To the extent it is possible, Trump can only succeed by choosing his allies wisely…

The Vice President Contenders — Trash — All of Them are Trash

Having all but secured the nomination following wins in Iowa last week and New Hampshire today the main event will be as it always was…Who Will Be Vice President?

Importantly, everyone mentioned below is assuredly a fine person with value to their immortal being.

Except as Vice Presidential Nominees? Completely and Totally Garbage.

Let's Briefly Review…As Hysterically Proclaimed By Advising Experts:

Tim Scott (Senator South Carolina) — He's Black! He's only 58! He's genteel and a genuine "nice guy” in politics!…THE REALITY: He's Nice, Dull and THE BLACK VOTE WILL NOT DECIDE THE ELECTION FOR YOU. IT NEVER HAS. IT NEVER WILL, IT IS MARGINAL FOR REPUBLICAN NATIONAL CONTESTS.

Kristi Noem (Governor South Dakota) — She's Hot! She's only 52! She's Very Sexy!…THE REALITY: No one knows anything substantial that comes out of South Dakota. NOTHING. It carries ZERO capital in the Electoral College game. Yes, she's cute…and if that's "sexist” name three of her legislative wins.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders (Governor Arkansas) — She's intelligent! She's only 41! She's reliable!…THE REALITY: Agree on all counts. On paper, she's good. EXCEPT she turns off HALF the country! Her Fox News stint doesn't help. Arkansas carries no Electoral College weight. She's a net loss to you.

Ben Carson (Former HUD Secretary) — He's ALSO Black! He's only 72…(Wait? What? Whoa! He needs a Beauty Blogcast…Kudos, Ben!)…THE REALITY: He's interesting. He's engaging. He's also not going to help you AT ALL in the race. Because, AGAIN, the BLACK VOTE WILL NOT DECIDE THIS CONTEST.

Marjorie Taylor Greene (Representative Georgia) — She's loyal. She's a firebrand. She's red meat to the base…THE REALITY: We have more than enough beef served by you, Don. We need intelligence. She's not a serious contender…and anyone who says she is…FIRE THEM RIGHT AWAY!

Elise Stefanik (Representative New York) — She's ANOTHER Female! She's only 39! She's an Early Supporter!…THE REALITY: Who? Yeah, no one knows her. You ARE NOT winning New York under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Choosing a woman is not out of the question, but Elise is not the answer.

Kari Lake (Former Candidate Arizona Governor) — She's *SIGH* still another Woman! She's…who even knows? THE REALITY: Would she even be on this list absent a vagina? Seriously. She's unlikeable. She's got a lesbian haircut. She's not an office holder. She's totally unknown to most people.

Vivek Ramaswamy (Former Businessman) — He's Indian! He's but 38! He's charismatic!…THE REALITY: Avow. He's a close call. I'd say he's Secretary of State material. He's not the Veep. He doesn't carry any state. The Indian voting community is miniscule. Moreover, he's too much like you.

Rick DeSantis (Governor Florida) — He's Hispanic! He's popular! He's from an important state!…THE REALITY: Poor DeSantis flamed out hard. He wasn't Icarus. He was I Can't Believe He Melted Faster Than Butter. This was the equivalent of Dan Quayle in terms of "Seems Mature”…Ooooh, Ouch!

Nikki Hailey (AKA Nimarata Randhawa) — She's Indian! She's only 51! She's a Female!…THE REALITY: She is noxious to the Republican Base. She is the prototypical "Angry Woman”. She will cause more of your fervent supporters TO STAY HOME than go door-to-door. SHE IS A NET MINUS TO A TICKET.

So basically Donald, we have a gang of Contenders who are more or less unknowns or have been included by your "trusted advisors” in order to "balance the ticket” based on age, gender or race rather than ideology…the premise of idiots for winning a national contest…

Fortunately, you have me.

REMEMBER — Authenticity Overcomes Unlikability

Americans hate inauthenticity, Don. There is almost nothing they despise more.

In case you were unaware, that was the reason you won in 2016…even those who didn't like you voted for you because you appeared to be sincere if brash.

Now you are on the precipice of winning again — so don't blow it.

The most assured way for you to squander this opportunity is to run a Fake Ticket with a woman or a person of color primarily because of either of those traits. As outlined above, these are all perfectly competent figures…but none of them is capable of carrying you over the finish line.

There Is This Fellow Called Kennedy…

Yep, that's your pick.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is the only fellow to drag you to victory.

Here are the reasons your "advising counsel” won't mention:

  • RFK, Jr. will bring in TONS of Democrats — and you need a SUBSTANTIAL amount of them to win.
  • RFK, Jr. will usher in HORDES of Elderly — and THESE people vote more than any demographic.
  • RFK, Jr. will bring in LEGIONS of "Deniers” — and you must have voters who otherwise cannot stand you…sorry, Bud, that's how you win elections…people who dislike you supporting you on principle…which equates to MILLIONS of "COVID” truthers who will campaign endlessly.
  • RFK, Jr. will entice ARMIES of Environmentalists — and you need a GENUINE balance to your ticket…with everyone on the Left claiming you are the worst human being who ever lived, having a "tree-hugging”, "river-protecting”, "plastics-recycling” environmental lawyer will earn their votes.
  • RFK, Jr. will cull CONGREGATIONS of Outcasts — and you need to get this into your thick skull…America is a Land of the Depressed…it is a Hopeless Nation…its Citizens are DESPERATE to believe in something…almost anything…and a moniker like Kennedy will get bodies in booths to vote.

There is ONLY one chance for you, Donald — It's RFK, Jr. — OR YOU LOSE.

For The Historical Record

Lastly, but not leastly, for those that do not read History…who was Abraham Lincoln's Vice President?

Andrew Johnson? Close…but he was the SECOND Vice President for Honest Abe. Who was first?

Hannibal Hamlin.

(Okay, "So what?”, Don is certainly muttering to himself…)

So whenever you see something like this in the past you SHOULD be asking the REASON.

Hamlin is generally regarded as chosen by Lincoln because he was a comparative radical on the issue of Slavery. Hamlin was at that time considered an extremist on the matter. Hamlin was the person that no sane individual interested in keeping the country together wanted in the White House.

Then what put him on the ticket?

Many believe Lincoln did it so he would not be displaced from office. After all, if enemies considered Abe to be terrible, they considered Hamlin to be calamitous. With Lincoln as the lesser of two evils no one would risk getting him out of the way.

As we have seen by the behavior of the Controlled Media, if there is anyone they loathe more you, Don…it's definitely RFK, Jr.

Whether you agree or not, The System considers RFK, Jr. to be the smart version of yourself.

They may resent you in office, but they fear him in power.

In a sense, RFK, Jr. is your Anti-Impeachment insurance policy.

Don't Be A Dummy, Donald

Look, we all know there is going to be rampant cheating come next November.

There is only one way to win this election and that is to win so overwhelmingly opponents cannot deny your victory.

That's not happening by choosing a woman from an obscure state. That's not happening by choosing a person of color because they are conservative with a darker hue.

That's not happening unless you grit your teeth and go against what your "advisors” tell you, because that's politics.

After all, Don, as I was the first to say…Trump has good instincts but he lets others dissuade him into making mistakes…

Oh wait, I was only the SECOND person to say that — RFK, Jr. was the first.

He's also your first, and best, choice for Vice President.

Maybe likewise your last chance.

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Author`s name Guy Somerset
Editor Dmitry Sudakov