Trump Derangement Syndrome vs. Trump Derailment Palindrome

It was Primary Day in New Hampshire on Jan. 23 and if there is one thing in the world to be loathed – it’s advice.

(Except, of course, when it comes from a piquant political observer such as Yours Truly…)

Alas, there is seldom more commonality in error than the intersection of insightful intuition spun awry by well-intended interference – mainly because no one knows your situation as well as yourself.

Donald Trump is the quintessential example of an intuitive hero brought low by poor counsel.

Fortunately your Humble Correspondent is here to remedy that tragedy for him by way of review.

After all, there is no better time to assess your weaknesses than on the precipice of victory…

Donald Trump – Dimwit, Midwit or Halfwit?

Okay Don, time for us to take a good look at your track record…and it’s not looking that good.

The Flu Hoax…Er, “COVID”? You utterly failed, by allowing mandates and shutdowns. (Another “Sudden Teen Heart Attack” today? Money Printer Go Brrrr? Wholesale denial of Civil Liberties?)

Health Care? You did nothing, and in fact worse than nothing by trying to “fix” what people liked, (Increasing hours allowed for working physicians? Attempting to nix pre-existing conditions?)

Border Control? You did okay, but you never called out the National Guard much less the Army. (The CIA not available to douse the Darian Gap with gas? How about the Air Force using their Gay Spray?)

Supreme Court? You got in a few good picks, except none are as good as their reputation. (No Citizen standing to challenge an obviously irregular election? No halt to certification of bad ballots?)

We could go on…but do we really need to belabor the issue?

Donald Trump – Actually Capable, Often Coerced

In each of these instances Don…your heart was in the right place…until your head was swayed…

The Flu Hoax – Initially you were totally against a shutdown and strongly resisted mandates. That is, until meddlesome advisors got involved. Then you tried to mediate your failure by making a grand show of flying into and out of the hospital when briefly suffering the flu yourself…er “COVID”.

Then you blamed Fauci…as if there was not a decades-long rap-sheet of alleged professional malfeasance on his part already. Seriously, it was like putting Al Capone in charge of the Federal Reserve.

Health Care – This was wrong from the very beginning of your term. Whoever was recommending legislation clearly had no understanding of how the legislature functions. Of course, you did campaign on ending Obamacare and you did have a bi-cameral majority, but this was an immense tactical error.

Then you blamed McCain…as if there was not a career-long resume of him betraying both his party and his government. So acting like Johnny M was Public Enemy Number One was foolish in the extreme.

Border Control – Ohhh, boy, let’s not even begin. Then again, let’s. You started with Junior League Lawyers arguing for the “Muslim Ban” and eventually you began The Wall you never got near complete.

Then you blamed Schumer…as if it was a surprise the leader of the Democratic Party was ever going to quit with his American-Displacement Scheme? That’s asking Madoff to take a check,

Supreme Court – Yeah, credentials from Top Tier Law Schools are very impressive…unless you have one. If you do, you know nearly everyone attending is duller than your average gas station attendant.

Then you blamed Whoever…as if it should come as a surprise the vast majority of cogs within the system serve to turn the wheel. Tiresome, Don. Sad and pathetic. Rockefeller Dimes-type fluff.

Don’t Be Dumb – AGAIN – Don

All of these debacles are the fault of everyone but you…fair enough.

Truly, it is understandable to a degree. Washington “pundits” are the same as Hollywood “friends” – they all reinforce an image of Americana that bears little resemblance to the actual country.

In both cases those surrounding tell you not only what you want to hear, but what they BELIEVE you BELIEVE you want to hear. That’s far more dangerous…because it is apparently rational and sincere.

Don, you genuinely seem to want to do the right thing for the nation, and that is admirable.

So why on earth are you following the same advice all over again?

The Establishment Chorus is Not Your Friend

This is all timely in the sense the first Republican Primary is today and you are sure to win it.

DeSantis dropped out this week and Haley will be gone this month.

All of which means the race is on for who you will choose to be Vice President.

Most of those advising, counseling and strategizing no doubt are using terms such as age, ethnicity and geography to get you on board with balancing a “beard” for your Populism.

Don, the Establishment Chorus is not your friend.

The Way Forward is The Way Backward

Someone long ago told me, “When in doubt – DON’T!”

Given this resume of initial opinions contrasted by eventual policies there is a good chance Trump already knows the right person to have by his side.

The challenge here will not be choosing a running mate but not having them run off by “expert” advisors.

Fear not, Sportsfans, we’ll figure this out together – Thus, next time we examine putative (and pitiable) matches.

In this moment Trump should take some free advice and not listen to any more assistants.

The once and future Chief Executive can still be the hero of this story.

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Author`s name Guy Somerset
Editor Dmitry Sudakov