The Real Deal on a Ukraine and Mexico Funding Compromise

Last month brought us another milestone in the Commander Cosplay Begging Tour.

Ukrainian President Zelensky was in the Capitol only a few weeks ago to inform hardworking Americans — that would likely be YOU, dear reader — he needs more of our money.

Lots more.

Incidentally, did you witness the interview Cosplay gave saying everyone should allow their roads, schools and infrastructure to fall apart so he could buy another mansion in Miami (or wherever)?

True facts.

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden AKA Smugly McSenile has been asking for minimum $60 Billion to help our old pal Cosplay retake Crimea and march on Moscow. (Please do not mention that OTHER $100 Billion Cosplay previously received…it might make him cry…it certainly does this author!)

Fortunately the Republicans (sic) refused to fund more military adventurism. At least, not unless there was also significant finance for defending the southern border of the United States.

Why precisely the American military is not already down there — as protection is the mandate of any military — no one can explain to us other than we are all "racists” or "haters” or "evil” for inquiring.

Be that as it may, once you turn to the dark side…

Let's Make a Deal

First things first — if Cosplay and Smugly Joe want $60 Billion for Ukraine we can negotiate.

We're all reasonable individuals here.

Except since we're talking money, let's put it into dollars and cents.

Being an American I consider any American life to be worth approximately 10 times any Ukrainian life. (Yes, yes, yes, "pure evil”…only if it's our money you want, it's our morals you accept.)

This being the case, if Smugly Joe wants $60 Billion for Ukraine then no American legislation should be supported other than any which simultaneously provides $600 Billion for United States border security.

Only…being Ukraine is on the verge of capitulating after its "offensive” on Russia…we deserve more.

(Never forget — Commander Cosplay wholly instigated this tragedy himself by threatening Russia he would pull Ukraine into NATO, establish nuclear weapons aimed at Moscow in Kiev and had already murdered over 10,000 ethnic Russians for not speaking Ukrainian in the Donbass.)

An imminent Kiev defeat being the case…any True American will have additional stipulations before more wasted Ukrainian largesse.

Addendum to the Artillery

So here is where Authentic Americans begin negotiations before pens are put to paper on a vote:

  1. The United States military must be sent to the Mexican border prior ANY funds transferred to Ukraine…by which is meant ONE HALF of the ENTIRE MILITARY must be sent down south.
  2. All Illegal Invaders must be repatriated to Mexico immediately. No, they are not all Mexicans, but they are all FROM the Mexican state. Ergo, that's where they go back.
  3. Every dime of financial assets, personal property and real estate in the possession of ANY and all Illegal Invaders is to be confiscated in total to pay for the Ukrainian instigation of war on Russia.

Finally, since Smugly Joe and his cohorts have betrayed the American people for approximately the past four years or so it is incumbent upon him to prove his reliability in keeping the bargain.

Thus no funds agreed today for Ukraine may be sent earlier than ONE YEAR AFTER the United States border has been fully secured, ALL the Illegal Invaders have been deported and everything interlopers have STOLEN from American Taxpayers has been rightfully accounted before transferring anything to Cosplay for the latest addition to his international Home Buying portfolio.

Anything less? No deal.

Kiev can fall.

Questions — Russian Infiltration vs. Mexican Invasion

More or less every hour of every day Americans are bombarded by missives from Controlled Media there was "Russian Meddling” in the previous election and that Russians pose an existential threat.

Of course, the Paid Shills of the Lying Press mean to say, "Ordinary Americans refuse to think what New York / Washington / Los Angeles newsreaders demand they believe”.

Except your Correspondent is nothing if not fair to the publicly redundant…so let's ask ourselves a few questions, shall we?

GUIDELINES: No studying required for this Pop Quiz in Social Studies. Definitely no cribbing from CNN or MSNBC. All answers are from your own personal experiences. Only American Citizens may participate.

1. When was the last time you heard an advertisement on commercial programming (i.e. during a football game, evening newscast, primetime sitcom) in which the language was RUSSIAN?

How about Mexican? (Yes, yes, yes, "Spanish” but we're talking reality and not semantics here.)

2. When was the last time you heard a politician say the United States does not belong to you and it should be "returned” (AKA given away) to a gang infiltrating from RUSSIA?

How many times have you heard "American” politicians chastise you for "not doing enough” to assist the Invader community coming from Mexico?

3. When you drop your child off to school — likely now closed, as in New York, for housing hordes of Illegal Invaders — how many RUSSIANS are crowding into her classroom — speaking Russian, listening to loud Russian music, generally behaving in disruptive Russian fashion?

How about the tens of millions of Illegal Invaders coming from Mexico pushing your child out of her school district which you as an American Taxpayer have been funding by your own hard labor?

Sure, it's those darn Russians you see everywhere who are the real problem…

To Ask is To Answer

We could pose another hundred questions to which every answer would be the same.

There are ZERO amount of Russians overwhelming American schools, social services, taking welfare dollars, crushing the healthcare system and turning the United States into a cesspit of the world.

Even if we review the exception of Brighton Beach (where many Jewish Russians settled over the past century) we see a self-sufficient enclave which is not grifting off the Taxpayer.

Consider…the entire country of Russia has approximately 150 million inhabitants…meanwhile, over the past ten years nearly 50 million Illegal Invaders have crossed the Mexican Border…all wanting a "better life” — YOURS.

Is Putin really the direst threat to the American Dream?

Problems Defined — Social Policy for Stupid People

Americans have a lot of problems.

None of them include a massive Russian Invasion.

Not from the East.

Not from the West.

Not from the North.

And definitely not from the South.

That's the Real Deal on any Ukrainian Funding Compromise.

Guy Somerset writes from somewhere in America

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Author`s name Guy Somerset
Editor Dmitry Sudakov