Sergio Brown, Narcissistic Mothers & Passive Fathers

On September 16, 2023, one Myrtle Brown, mother of former NFL player Sergio Brown, was found dead of suspected homicide; according to the Coroner sustaining "multiple injuries due to assault”.

Her corpse was located in a creek less than 100 yards away from home. The killing is as yet still under investigation. She was 73 years of age.

Son Sergio? He went missing about the same time. The 35-year-old last played for the Buffalo Bills franchise in 2016. Following discovery of the body of his mother her boy popped up down in Mexico.

A neighbor of the deceased informed local news the Brown family had informed him Sergio "wasn't himself the past few months” and he was "out of his mind”.

That's when the real crazy began.

Yep, It's Gets Even More Cray-Cray

Within days Sergio, seemingly under influence of something, began posting bizarre videos to Instagram. Among various claims were that some event (he did not explicitly delineate) was due to "the FBI” and that local law enforcement had previously kidnapped him on multiple occasions.

Not then identified as a suspect, Sergio was caught on the doorbell camera to the residence taking out the trash and then lighting a bonfire in which he burned the clothing of his mother.

Only this week, Brown sent out Tweets in which he apparently blames Mexican Cartels, and or, "Fat Mexican men” for…tripping up an airport? (No, I don't understand either.)

Interesting to us is Sergio lost his father, described by all accounts as an active parent, when approximately 14-years-old and his mother has been described by her other son Nick as "strong”.

Hypothesis, Theories and Experience

While nearly impossible for a Russian (or even Slav) to contemplate, there is a pervasive phenomenon in the West and particularly the United States in which mothers hate their children.

Starting with the late-Baby Boomer generation and vastly accelerating with each passing group it is becoming increasingly common to encounter the Narcissist Mother-Passive Father Dynamic.

In its most basic form this corrupted family drama inverts traditional gender roles with a sadistic twist; the mother assumes a dominating personality by way of tyrannic psychological abuse with an attendant father inhabiting the submissive traits by complete disassociation from responsibility.

What Could Go Wrong?

Results are often uniform — the abused party (usually a son), often between the ages of 25 to 45, has the proverbial emotional break at which time he brutally attacks the mother leading to her death.

Further common in the dynamic, the assault is nearly always:

  1. done with fists or other blunt object, which negates premeditation, and,
  2. is consequent an evidently trivial matter, to a baffling degree for those unversed in the Narcissistic Abuse pattern.

Over the past twenty, and especially the past ten, years this correspondent has reviewed innumerable cases of sons violently attacking their abusive mothers over such matters as playing the stereo too loudly, an unpaid cable bill, use of video games, an Amazon delivery order and other minutiae.

Most aggravating of all? The casuals one encounters who mindlessly shake their heads while muttering, "He killed his mother over the unmowed lawn?”

Needless to say (or at least, it should be), none of these homicides are committed due to music volume, et al.


The reality is for some reason (my hypothesis: Extreme Feminism, leading to social entitlement), mothers in the Greater West actively hate their sons.

They demean them, belittle them, berate them, marginalize them, insult them, antagonize them and much more…and in the apparently sincere belief nothing they ever do will result in any repercussion.

Mothers of the West are infused by such politico-sexual privilege as to be certain they are inviolate.

Which, to a degree, is in fact the case. There is an extraordinarily high level of tolerance for rampant female harm to men in Western Society, and this is only exacerbated in the milieu of familial relations.

Perhaps this is all the more logical a reason for the excessive physical violence which rebounds to the abusers — their victims have been subjected to death by a thousand cuts and so when the limit is reached slitting the throat of the abuser is a reasoned consequence from that perspective.

Another sad fact of the "onlooker syndrome” (i.e. those who have never been abused) is commentary the victim of such relentless viciousness might have removed himself apart of the situation or it is not "worth it” to spend the rest of his life in prison.

Obviously, these observations are from an intellectual viewpoint entirely correct…Except the abuse dynamic is not intellectual but emotional — at a given juncture of torment the victim does not care for repercussions, but only for vengeance.

At which point, all bets are off.

When You Coming Home…

Regarding the fathers in these deplorable circumstances, that is a more pathetic facet of the West. As following at least two, if not three, generations of ever-increasingly unaccountable Feminism the men of the West have been reduced to docility, or more often, subservience.

Not only do many fathers in the West fail to defend themselves against Narcissistic Feminist abuse, they wholly capitulate in the defense of their own progeny.

More common than not, the men of the West seek to "keep the peace” rather than put their wives out of the house and into the street in favor of basic human decency.

Curiously, even in the prevalent scenario in which the father is the "breadwinner” who holds the economic power in the household he will nevertheless demur time and time again in the face of a domineering female spouse intoxicated with her own entitled self-perceptions (as made for her by Controlled Media).

The Cage

Having interviewed more than a few murders in the cage (when in prison there is a cage within a cage for such things) the overwhelmingly majority express remorse for their violent acts.

Typically the sentiment is something along the lines, "It never would have occurred if she hadn't…” — fill in the sentence, which generally boils down to "treated me like an animal”.

(Side Note: There is also an evidential correlation in women who abuse their sons with those who coddle their pets; either by design as an extension of the humiliation ritual or simple abject cruelty).

In any event, what is to be discerned from this (admittedly, anecdotal) experience is that had the Narcissistic Mother merely behaved as a decent person she would likely still be among the living.

At the same time, the very nature of the extreme Narcissist Mother makes this self-realization unlikely.

What Happens Next

So did Sergio Brown murder his mother? Although arrested, he's innocent until proven guilty.

Does his case fit a myriad of other cases well known to this correspondent? Oh, hell yes.

Is there anything to be learned in regard to: 1) treating captive individuals like human beings, 2) recognizing abused persons eventually revolt with extreme violence, 3) that passive fathers should not bankroll victimizers, and, 4) in the end some people get exactly what they deserve?

Apparently not.

The only thing I can say is while I do not condone violence, I am past the point of condemning it.

Guy Somerset writes from somewhere in America

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Author`s name Guy Somerset
Editor Dmitry Sudakov