Okay, RFK…Who Else Questions 9/11?

Nothing happens by accident in politics. If it happened, someone wanted it to happen.

That's not me, of course. That's Franklin Delano Roosevelt, likely the most powerful American politician of the last century. That's a man who knows of what he speaks.

Only…Lord help you if you speak out regarding the Official Narrative of September 11.

This lesson in Civic Obedience was brought to mind again by our Controlled Media masters when during an interview Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. was asked about that horrible day.

Importantly, Kennedy did not mention phantom fighter jets, space laser beams or even so much as a temporal vortex being the cause of 9/11.

The man quite simply stated, while not an expert on any particular facet, it seemed clear the true story was not currently known. (Reminder: It was a tale which primed the American War Machine for a two-decade adventure ending in failure for everyone other than Weapons Manufacturers, Big Oil, and anyone named Bush.)

What is remarkable about the retching and kvetching which followed was until Current Era of the Rules-Based Order it was quite common to believe there was far more than met the eye on 9/11.

The Parade of Fools, Loons and Conspiracy Kings

Naturally, all of us who believe in such things are complete morons; of which your correspondent includes himself. Only, just for the sake of giggles, let's see who else falls into the conspiracy camp….

Rolling Stone Reporter (Anecdotal): There was a prominent journalist for the magazine Rolling Stone who absolutely refused to discuss September 11. He is not herein identified because I could never pin down the exact reason, but it was intimated the cause was either lie about it or get unemployed.

Carl Cameron, Fox News reporter: Did a four-part series on Israeli spies running rampant across the United States. Those individuals were frequently in close proximity to alleged staging areas of the hijackers, often living within a few miles. This report aired over two days and was promptly pulled from rotation. In all, nearly 200 suspected Israeli spies were eventually deported from America. What the supposed espionage agents were doing is undetermined, but it is not mentioned in the narrative.

9/11 Victim Advocacy Groups: Many relatives of those who suffered losses on that day fervently believe the United States government has been obfuscating the full series of events. To wit, the more than two dozen pages censored from an eventual government report which are reputed to implicate government officials of Saudi Arabia in providing money to fund the alleged hijackers. Whether or not these suspicions are valid is beside the point — it is the fact that people of sound mind can reasonably inquire as to the purpose for hiding these documents which have been largely substantiated by those Congressmen authorized to view them in secrecy.

David Wallace, University of Michigan scholar on Governance: Speaking in regard to the 9/11 Report published by Congress, "Despite claims from all sides that what was needed was an unfiltered, non-partisan and accurate review of what went wrong and how it went wrong the archival record surrounding 9/11 was shaped as much by political concerns over blame and responsibility (and evading it) as it was by good faith efforts to get to the heart of the matter.”

Former Representative Lee H. Hamilton (Democrat — Indiana): "A meeting on Jan. 21, 2004, with Mr. Tenet, the White House counsel, the secretary of defense and a representative from the Justice Department also resulted in the denial of commission access to the detainees. Once again, videotapes (of detainee interrogations) were not mentioned.”

Also Hamilton: "What we do know is that government officials decided not to inform a lawfully constituted body, created by Congress and the president, to investigate one of the greatest tragedies to confront this country. We call that obstruction.”

Former New Jersey Governor Thomas H. Kean (Republican — New Jersey): "The Chief obstacle (in accurate facts in the 9/11 Report) was the White House.”

Note to Insufferable Idiots employed at The Guardian (sic) newspaper (double sic) et al, both of these last were actually MEMBERS OF THE 9/11 COMISSION…Chairman Keane and Vice-Chair Hamilton.

So, evidently, according to the socially deviant and morally vapid scribes (triple sic) at aforementioned rag even two prominent MEMBERS OF THE 9/11 COMISSION itself are included among us woe begotten malcontents who do not trust the United States Government.

Alas, no doubt some 20-year-something, diversity-hire, properly-pronouned imbecile understands far more than those of us who have had any interaction with government, worked for government, or men (yes, again) tasked as MEMBERS OF THE 9/11 COMMISSION.

Honestly, one would think such incompetents would know enough to bow their heads in deference of their betters…but then again not doing so is really the rank definition of being an incompetent.

Personal Story Time

If there is one thing I am loathe to discuss it is September 11.

I don't even like to think about those events.

Except there is a certain juncture where the idiots cannot be permitted to rule the roost — which is when it comes to allowing hysteric (and histrionic) "reporters” to denounce anyone making the meekest of statements that quite possibly the single largest and most technically impossible attack on America in its history was perhaps more intricate than some bearded bro's hanging out in a cave.

Bad Government, Bad Maths and Bad Journalists

While no one seems to be interested, there is ample evidence of what did occur that day…or at least what can be logically inferred from the evidence.

Maybe this is the reason September 11 is such a detestable topic. Either you know the Official Narrative is a lie, you are a purveyor of the Official Narrative as a lie, or you simply do not care.

Currently, we have an epidemic of Not Giving A Damn in this country.

There are a million things which do not rationally equate to the thesis illiterate cavemen perpetrated the 9/11 attacks.

Most glaring among them?

The immediate answer by Controlled Media to anyone who merely asks a question being — SHUT UP!

Guy Somerset writes from somewhere in America

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Author`s name Guy Somerset
Editor Dmitry Sudakov