The Curious Case of The Canadian Nazi

You’ve got to understand how it is over here…everyone’s a “Nazi”. You say one wrong thing you’re a “Nazi”…you read the wrong book you’re a “Nazi”…one time in Manhattan during Restaurant Week I saw a woman refused entry with her canine and literally heard her say to the doorman, “You’re racist against dogs, you filthy lunch Nazi!”

Alright Sportsfans, your old pal Somerset is here at the behest of his Editor to inform American readers that – for ONCE – the person vilified in Press Headlines as a “Nazi” is actually…a Nazi!

Among those of us (your correspondent included) who skipped over the news last week due to Nazi-Fatigue from the Controlled Media, it turns out that the Canadian Parliament gave a standing ovation to a real-life (remarkably, still-living) Nazi.

This incident occurred during a visit by Commander Cosplay to the scene of the crime – that crime being the Ukrainian theft of essential Canadian Tax Dollars.

(Not content to leave the vicinity of North America, the Kiev Cabal had only recently cracked the vault in the United States in an effort to abscond with another $24 Billion in American Tax Dollars as well.)

Come On, Somerset…You Mean A Nazi “Nazi”!?!

Exactly! That’s what I said! But upon further investigation the fellow in question was a genuine SS fighter.

So here’s the scoop:

On September 22, 2023, the President of Ukraine Commander Cosplay spoke before the Canadian House of Commons in Ottawa.

While not attempting to endure viewing another minute of his begging, we can be assured his address went along the lines, “Dat ‘ol Debil Putin!…Ruskies Invading Omaha!...and Need More Gibs!”

The thing which concerns us here is after settling down to be showered with accolades for not bathing this week, Cosplay and his Cohorts in Parliament deferred to a man in the audience.

Yaroslav Hunka is a 98-year-old former Nazi fighter who battled the Russians during World War II.

Specifically, he was a member of the 14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS,

Speaker Anthony Rota referred to Hunka as “a hero” with thunderous applause and standing ovation from all in attendance, including Cosplay himself who defiantly raised a mitt.

It was reminiscent of the very best Marvel Action Superhero scenes. (Only presumably Cap would not be pleased.)

That was on a Friday. By Sunday the Schutzstaffel had hit the fan.

Monuments and Monsters

Of course, the usual promptly resulted.

First, there was an apology by everyone involved.

Second, Speaker Rota in Ottawa resigned from his post.

Third, Controlled Media began to focus on the “real” outrage…a cemetery monument to Ukrainian fighters of the same era.

You heard that correct – the most pressing issue was:

  • NOT the fact that Commander Cosplay was there to pilfer another $650 Million of Canadian Taxpayer Funds.
  • NOT the fact that the Kiev Cabal has been persecuting the Christian Church across the land.
  • NOT the fact despite upcoming elections nearly every significant Opposition Party and Opposition Leader has been arrested, banned or run out of the country.
  • NOT the fact that the “True Democracy Heroes” of Ukraine honor and esteem those who in Current Year are deemed the Worst of the Worst, nor that a not-insignificant amount of their fighters are Neo-Nazi followers.

Au contraire, Mon Canadien!

The REAL issue here is that in some dank corner of a forgotten cemetery stands a memorial nearly a hundred years old to a political party which is extinct – THAT is what you need to concern yourself.

The Past Is A Different Country…

William Faulkner wrote that a lifetime ago, and he followed it by saying they speak a different language there – so much is true.

There are almost as many interpretations of what occurred in the Second World War as moments which have passed since it ceased.

Was Hunka a “freedom fighter” for Ukrainian Independence as is claimed? Was Hunka a mass-murderer who indiscriminately slaughtered innocents nearly ten decades ago?

Who knows? I don’t. I doubt anyone else does either.

What is certain is that whichever interpretation of events occurring then, the choice of who is given deference currently is important for us now.

Clearly, indisputably, the main concern of Cosplay (who is Jewish) is not that Hunka (an actual Nazi) may have once been the blood-enemy of his people…so long as they have one thing in common – killing Russians.

This alone should inform the opinion of any rational American, Canadian, German, Brit, Frenchman, or basically anyone else not a party to the conflict that there is a lot more transpiring than some trite Good vs. Evil melodrama being played out in The Donbass.

Motivations, allegiances and conspirators in the Ukraine Conflict are far more opaque than many would like to believe…and for the common Citizens of the countries not involved that is crucial.

The War That Was and The War That Is

Beyond all else, the ordinary Citizens of the West should comprehend not only that this is not our fight, but that even the most well-informed and best-intended among us do not fully appreciate its participants or their intentions.

Jews and Nazis together fighting “evil” Russians? Liberal “heroes” who ban opposition Press and Politicians? Fountains of money wasted in a land most could not even find on a map?

None of this makes any sense to any sane individual. There may be a Right and a Wrong, but how can it be determined from a continent away?

The Second World War ended nearly a century ago.

What is vital now for Americans and every other Western Citizen is that a Third World War not begin.

Guy Somerset writes from somewhere in America

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Author`s name Guy Somerset
Editor Dmitry Sudakov