Time for some hard truth about the Russell Brand situation

Was Russell Brand Framed?

Okay, you dummies, time for some hard truth about the Russell Brand situation.

First, The Case

Okay, so what if three media organizations all colluded to hit Brand with twenty-year-old allegations at the same time right before COVID season and right after he released videos which question the $90 Billion Profits of Big Pharma from the COVID narrative? That proves nothing!

Okay, so what if the “16-year-old” accuser went on to work for one of these very media outlets, Channel 4, but that was not made clear in the “detailed expose” about Brand? It means nothing!

Okay, so what if not one of the three Big News organizations purportedly bothered to contact the production companies about the time in question when Brand was employed there until the last minute? It’s nuthin’!

Okay, so what if nearly every fellow British News mouthpiece refers to the claimants as “Victims” which is a term of Law instead of as “Accusers” which is what they are in Fact? Means nada!

Okay, so what if there is apparent evidence the text message “proof” seems to be doctored and edited to make it likely more salacious than when originally sent? Says nothing about its veracity!

Second, You’re Stupid

Okay, are some of you are so foolish you refuse to “Believe All Women” under the mistaken notion women can also lie because you are too ignorant to realize women never lie ever – about anything – or against anyone? You’re Stupid!

Okay, I suspect you are the same type of person who would even believe President Kennedy was assassinated by Big Defense because he had literally signed paperwork to return troops home from Vietnam a few weeks before getting shot in the head in Dallas? You’re so Stupid!

Okay, I furthermore am supposing you are the sort who has conspiracy theories that the United States government has recklessly killed its own citizens and you probably even toss around buzzwords like Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment or Domestic Germ Warfare? You’re insufferably Stupid!

Okay, I bet you are one of “those kinds” who runs around telling everyone that there was some sort of massive cover-up for years after the Opioid Crises and Pill Mills were common knowledge in America because hundreds of thousands of unethical people were making tens of millions of dollars? You are so darn Stupid!

Okay, I get that you are probably likewise intellectually impaired in the sense you assuredly share the belief September 11 was far more than has been told to you and you probably even have the temerity to think it all had something to do with making hundreds of billions of dollars by Big Oil? So, so, so, so Stupid!

Third, Controlled Media Is Your Friend

Okay, as the Daily Beast and Anthony L. Fisher has told you, the “Deep State” had nothing to do with silencing Russell Brand as a voice of dissent because – obviously – the “Deep State” or “The Establishment” or “Old Money” or whatever you want to call it has never done that before ever!

Okay, so what if you know about the Whiskey Rebellion? Or the Civil War? Or Eugene V. Debs and the popularity of Socialism? Or about Conscientious Objectors in World War One? Or how Hollywood made films of “Fake Bums” to discredit the EPIC program of Upton Sinclair? Or regarding the murder of Huey Long the day his tome challenging Roosevelt was released? Or…well…anything?

Okay, you read a few history books? So what, smart guy? Wasn’t that a long time ago? Surely no one named Trump has ever been met with a Honeypot Claim recently as sitting President of the United States? And political assassinations against anyone named Kennedy are never possibly attempted these days? You think somebody called Assange is in prison the past ten years for releasing documents “The Powers That Be” did not want released?

Okay, and oh please do go on with your nonsense about how nearly everyone in Western Media did an “internship” or “summer program” or had a “rejected application” to one of the secret services? You think just because Anderson Cooper and a whole bunch of others were refused by the CIA and soon thereafter became top purveyors of the Approved Narrative that means something?

Okay, so what if Rosamund Unwin, Sunday Times Media Editor, among those who “broke” the “story” of these allegations was herself another failed applicant for MI6? You think that makes this anything other than one more in a very long line of mere happenstance and remarkable coincidences?

Four, Please! Sportsball or Porn – Take Your Choice!

Okay, you insufferable little brats, I’ve about had it up to here with schooling you in the finer points of Knowing Your Place.

Okay, your position as a Plebian means You Decide Nothing.

Okay, it is not for the likes of you to Ever Question Anything.

Okay, there is nothing in this life for scum, losers and morons like yourself than Sportsball or Porn.

Okay, shut your mouth, quit “noticing” things and now go back to sleep like a good little baby.

Guy Somerset writes from somewhere in America

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Author`s name Guy Somerset
Editor Dmitry Sudakov