Great Britain – Terminal Stage Modernity

Last week Commander Cosplay and the Kiev Cabal uttered, as is their wont, many a hilarious platitude about unpleasantries in the Donbass.

We need not cover them in detail as you know the drill…Millions of children kidnapped…Winning any day now…and perennial favorite…Dat ‘Ol Debil Putin is comin’ for yas if we don’t quit him right here!

Oh, a new refrain according to Ukraine? Indians are Idiots. Which…whew! Ukes sure know how to make chums!

Anyway, it bears taking a gander from time to time exactly the reasons Western Politicians (as opposed to Western Peoples, now in majority-opposition to further involvement) are fighting.

Behold Comrades!...The Rules-Based Order as brought to us by Great Britain.

The Latest Never Seems To Be The Lowest

As if in a competition with Perdition itself, there appears to be no depredation the United Kingdom will not succumb.

Below is a mere smattering of the splatter which living in the Rules-Based Order has brought to Albion:

On September 12 - The Mirror newspaper reported little Archie Thompson of Leicester (pronounced LESTER) wore short-pants to his elementary school only to be promptly informed he was in violation of the strict uniform policy.

Fair enough. Except rather than send 12-year-old Archie home the school put him into lockdown. Solitary confinement. The Hole. There he could remain in perpetuity or…don a skirt.

Yes, sportsfans, in England showing up at school in shorts is a (near) Capital Offense yet gender-fluiding a perfectly normal youngster into a ritual humiliation costume is Mighty Alrighty, Guv’!

Proving once again the only folks with fortitude in Britain are the women, Leanne McDowell, mother of Archie, shuffled the urchin right back the next day again in shorts; and the administrators relented.

Phil Leaman, Marketing and Communications Manager for the school (what the!?!), allegedly said with an unsettling smirk, “When it comes to well-adjusted pre-pubescent boys…” (No, he didn’t actually say that…but he did reiterate any boy wearing a skirt is “in line with our policy”. *Sigh!)

On September 1The BBC reported a baffling story in which a critically ill 19-year-old girl is not only being denied care by the NHS (National Health Service) but also being prohibited from seeking care elsewhere; presumably because doing so would cause the NHS to “lose face” if she lived.

Evidently hospitals in both Cananda and the United States have offered her a slot in clinical trials, acknowledged by the teen herself to be precarious at best, and still the NHS is refusing to grant her leave to attempt to save her own life.

They claim, in the best Rules-Based Order-speak ever to have been uttered this side of Davos, she is not sick but “actively dying” and thus must accept her fate…despite the fact, technically speaking, every human is “actively dying” from the moment of birth.

More outrageously, the UK “Court of Protection” is convening to decide upon her existence. I know, Dear Reader, you think I’m making this up…but I swear…if I were this is the juncture in literature for some decisive retribution.

Statement from the girl herself? “I want to die trying to live. We have to try everything.”

So…okay….going to step away just a moment…and…so to recap…These fine blokes in Britain are not only withdrawing life-saving medicine from a dying teenager who wants to live, they are thwarting her from receiving care offered by more competent hospitals, and as if this were not all, they are…

Going to Court to ensure she cannot even solicit funds under her own identity to provide transportation to America.

Whew….I suppose there is only one thing to say here…which is Putin is the real Monster, righto?

Moving on. Rapidly.

On September 7 – It was reported by the Associated Press (and spammed everywhere on Apple News for some reason) that several officers of the law in Great Britain had outrageously cheeky things to say about Meghan Markle (as does about everyone else in the English-speaking world).

Five former policemen admitted (OMG, they ADMITTED it, you guiz!) each sent some offensive jokes about Markle…in private…amongst themselves…after they retired…

By the way, they also made comments about Prince William, Princess Kate as well as Queen Elizabeth before her passing but since those aren’t half-Black it is apparently not The Crime Of The Century.

These dastardly comedians pled Guilty to sending what the news (sic) describes as “grossly offensive racist messages” and…that’s the end of the coverage.

Seriously. Except, Somerset has questions. Including: If these guys made bad jokes in private how is it a public offense? If there is free speech in the UK then how is this a crime? If there is no free speech in the UK then how is it a democracy? If these are the Rules of the Rules-Based Order how can I opt out? If Markle has literally a Net Worth of over $50 Million how severe is her Racial Inferiority Complex that five 60-year-old pensioners poking fun at her in private causes this much distress? If thus is the state of the UK in terms of race-relations, i.e. ruthlessly demanding no one ever say anything unkind about anyone else, then how much longer before the lid blows off the whole society?

Most disturbing of all? The Prosecutors, Judges and everyone else involved clearly have no Black or Other Minority friends…because if they did they would know among friends getting together for drinks it’s about ten minutes before the racial jokes begin flying.

AND NOTE: None of us “hate” anyone else. This is normal human friendly behavior. If you actually had inter-racial pals you would know this, Uptight Brits.

The 'Good Guys' Don’t Believe What Actual Guys Believe

All this may be in good fun (to the extent you are not condemned to actually live in the cesspool which is Great Britain), but there is a serious aspect to the jollity of these tragedies.

That being, this is what the purported “Good Guys” leading the Rules-Based Order believe:

  • Forcing boys to become girls, or isolating them until they comply,
  • More or less murdering an ill child because politicians would rather kill her than care for her,
  • Tracking down retired Police telling dirty jokes in private while Pakistani Rape Gangs roam free.

To be clear: there are No Rules but Feelings Based on Fanatical Dogma and results in Total Disorder.

This is particularly vital to understand since Kiev recently chose to escalate the conflict once more by using Storm Shadow missiles provided by the UK to attack the Russian Fleet at Sevastopol of Crimea.

In a very real and demonstrable sense Great Britain is the exemplar of Modernity.

Yet remember it is Putin who is a threat…unless your child doesn’t want to be Trannyfied, your little girl is dying or you say anything at anytime or anywhere which anyone might ever take offense.

Guy Somerset writes from somewhere in America

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Author`s name Guy Somerset
Editor Dmitry Sudakov