Trump Indictments and the Abortion Bomber…with Johnny Dillinger too!

There are moments when I (almost) genuinely question whether I've dropped into this parallel universe from another timeline.

Specifically — whenever I recollect something apparently earthshattering which absolutely no one remembers at all.

The Abortion Bomber — Someone Else Remembers, Right!?!

Today my jolt into the alter-verse begins with the tale of Eric Rudolph, otherwise known as The Abortion Bomber; a moniker awarded to him by Controlled Media when the man lit up clinics from 1997 to 1998.

Now far be it from me to delve into the politics of baby-chopping. What concerns us here is the On-The-Run Era of the Rudolph Saga. After all, that's the part you, my Dear Reader, are supposed to forget.

Because, contrary to embodying the social pariah our Purchased Press tries to ret-con Rudolph into being, fact of the matter is several years during his time on the run the FBI lamented all the support he was given.

While the heinous Defender of Infants was hiding out in a large section of woodland it was well-known in law enforcement circles that neighbors AKA common folk AKA The People were aiding him.

No one could be charged with anything because no one directly gave provisions to Rudolph…but there were very many fine Citizens who "accidentally” left clothing, dry goods, medicine, and food on their back porches unattended at night…you know, in case someone evading capture needed such essentials.

Why did they do it?

That is a question unto itself. Some likely knew Rudolph personally. Some certainly empathized with his crusade against callous fetus slicers (oops, guess I got political after all…tough).

Yet some others, maybe encompassing most, were just sick and tired of the mentality of The System.

From their perspective whatever Rudolph did or did not do — he was The Common Man Who Had Enough.

Of course, eventually the case became such a grotesque embarrassment to the FBI that they "found” evidence Rudolph was also involved in the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Park Bombing, which for the record I have never believed for an instant and always considered to be fabricated to undermine his popular support…but the essence of the case remains thus —

In a corrupt mechanism of control people will rally to the individual who rebels in spite of whether they support him personally, politically or even philosophically.

The mere act of The Symbol defying The Machine will garner their allegiance.

Trump Charge #10,073…and Counting

Last month saw former President Donald Trump get his latest indictment. He now has them in State Court as well as Federal Court and there are reportedly many more heading down the trail to trial.

Industrial Democrats (along with Corporate Republicans) have assured themselves the best way to rid themselves of a pesky Populist is by putting him in jail…or even better, from their perspective, giving him heart palpations harsh enough to drop out of the political contest.

In this these sly miscreants may have been on to something, right up until the point they did what all power-mad plutocrats do by pushing it too far.

Because a single, well-crafted, meticulously-documented case against the former President may very well have swung enough Voters to question their devotion to the candidate…

Except we are now reaching one hundred charges.

With each and every indictment against him, Trump proves to be more popular. But…but…but…how can this be, the Controlled Media minions stutter in disbelief! This isn't the way it's supposed to work!

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!

The Man Becomes The Metaphor

Since we in America are ruled by corrupt senile dotards and drooling sprightly retards it has not yet occurred to them the grave danger of transforming Donald Trump from man into metaphor.

These abject mid-wit morons do not understand The People because — in essence — our Rulers truly hate their subjects. They believe they can control us. Indeed, they believe they own us.

Hence they cannot comprehend with charge stacked upon charge, every new claim lacking as much gravitas as that which came before, it appears increasingly to at least half the country Trump is targeted for being Trump.

In that, as a perceived "man of the people” The People see themselves.

The People feel targeted by constant Blacks on every commercial. The People feel targeted by incessant Trannyism in every aspect of their lives. (Bud Light, anyone?) The People feel the weight of unbearable taxation under dubious authority. The People lived for two years where Megalomaniacal Medical Masters told them to wear masks that didn't work and take injections that didn't prevent illness.

Stroll around America for five minutes and you will find some very angry folks. They're good people, but they're upset. Feeling you are controlled against your will by unaccountable officeholders will do that to a populace.

Who Watches The Watchers

Who represents this vast majority of the disaffected, disabused and disillusioned?

Eighty-year-old men and women who routinely fall down stairs, freeze up on camera, require their aides to tell them how to vote? The Congress, where everyone is literally a Millionaire in a country where the Median income is barely above $30,000 and more Citizens have a larger Credit Card debt than they do Saving Account balance?

The People of America love the country…but they loathe the government.

That's the beginning.

The man the government hates is…Donald Trump.

That's the ending.

Mark my words, with every additional charge to come — and there are likely to be plenty — the popularity of Trump will exponentially expand.

With every added-on hysterical claim about his actions, Trump will become more idolized by Americans.

With every whining problem-glasses-wearing, pinched-face, combatively-out lesbian in the Controlled Media who cries on camera about his base, Trump will blossom.

Johnny Dillinger — Public Frenemy #1

Oh, ho, ho! The story I could tell…but you would not believe. So I'll keep it close. For this evening.

That being prudent, regarding Johnny D is the obvious — like the Abortion Bomber he was a criminal.

Dillinger robbed banks and he may have even killed someone. (Maybe. It's in dispute.)

But it is also true that The People loved him. Why? Because he knocked over these fine financial institutions during The Great Depression when it was common for the financiers to foreclose on farmers, shopkeepers and other easy-pickings.

Folks in the 1930s resented the Banks the way folks in the 2020s resent the Government.

Both — they felt, and feel — are against them, taking advantage of them, and absolutely without recourse.

So when A Man stood against oppression, The People stood with him.

There were a million ways to handle the issue back then…and the authorities chose the worst method.

Much the same as autocrats are doing now.

Here is the point where I switch it on you — I'm not even that much of a Trump supporter. I could list a dozen things this second that irk me about the guy. I didn't vote for him last time, to be entirely candid.

Nevertheless, none of this matters any longer.

Because Trump isn't Trump anymore.

Trump is The Man Against The System.

Will he win? Who knows.

Assuredly, The System has already lost.

Guy Somerset writes from somewhere in America

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Author`s name Guy Somerset
Editor Dmitry Sudakov