Depopulation Station — Next Stop Ukraine!

Candid Admission: This author does not hate Ukrainians.

In all seriousness, as much as we can loathe the Kiev Cabal being led by Commander Cosplay the truth is there are some mighty brave youths facing off on the other side in the Donbass.

They may be deluded peasants who have been sold on a fantasy of Neo-Liberalized "freedom” but that doesn't make their visceral hardships or physical sacrifices any less estimable.

More to the point, the utter betrayal of Ukrainian Soldiers by Government Swindlers, Political Grafters and Bureaucratic Charlatans makes the way these lives are being wasted a genuine tragedy.

Because, the more one examines realities, the more what once might be dismissed as at least quasi-conspiracy theory is fast becoming fact — The West is intentionally trying to Depopulate the Ukraine.

Ethnic Replacement — Real and Accelerating

While much maligned, the sums speak for themselves; not only in Ukraine but particularly America.

In the United States it is estimated since 1973 when abortion was legalized there have been approximately 65 Million babies averted — mostly European babies, as the Hart-Celler Act of 1965 had not at that time transformed the composition of American Life in place the prior two centuries.

Guess how many Immigrants of Non-Traditional American backgrounds were imported since 1973?

Can you believe…almost EXACTLY the same total of around 65 Million? Who'da thunk it!?!

It's true, and it isn't a coincidence. This was a plan. A designed intent to dramatically reconstitute the composition of the United States of America by those who deemed that a threat.

American Voters were tricked, lied to and in a very real sense overthrown in their own homeland.

The United States in 1965 was over 90% European and today is not even 60% while in cities as Miami it went from 80% to 5% in a single lifetime — as consequence of vile betrayal by societal enemies.

(Diversocrats please note: This writer has not given his opinion on this enormous alteration, so don't put words in his mouth. All which is highlighted here is the change was not incidental and it was repeatedly and vociferously claimed during those 1965 debates this result is precisely what would NOT occur.)

Which lessons might this have regarding Ukraine? Plenty, given the same political deciders are in charge.

Ukraine Before the Fight — Not Good

Before the Special Military Operation the Ukraine was already facing some very bleak odds of survival.

In 1991 there were 52 Million Ukrainians…a decade later in 2001 only 48 Million Ukrainians…and by 2010 a mere 45 Million Ukrainians…which in 2021 shrunk to 43 Million Ukrainians.

Following the recent unpleasantness estimates are of only 36 Million Ukrainians.

But it gets worse, because due to the Neo-Liberal Policies embarked upon by successive Western Controlled Kiev Governments since 2014 there have been a flood of Neo-Ukrainians as well.

Much like the post-1965 Neo-Americans, the newcomers did not evince assimilable heritage.

We have previously noted that many Indians, Africans and Middle Easterners were caught on video fleeing Ukraine after the confrontation began. There are no reliable figures, but the sum was high.

An entire Professional Class formed of those from Foreign Backgrounds was well on its way to being established to displace authentic Ukrainians before Russia intervened to prevent that atrocity.

(Diversocrats please note: Yeah, you got me…I do believe Ethnic Liquidation of Slavs from Slavic Lands is an outrage…so cry me a river as wide as the Dnieper if you must.)

Ukraine During the Fight — Very Bad

So off the typical Ukrainian marches, high on slogans and ridiculous notions, to fight against his elder brothers who are only trying to save him from himself. Fair enough, a man can ruin his own life.

Except let's have a look at what your average Uke is getting for his trouble? (Aside from very serious injury.)

Recently was the most infuriating story, no doubt becoming all too common, in the trenches.

Some poor guy fighting against his self-interest for Ukraine mentioned to a reporter how his wife ran off to a Western country with his two kids (bad enough) but was now living with another personage.

Therefore what we are confronted with here is the Power of Western Propaganda:

To tell a Ukrainian male he cannot become a physician or engineer because all the University slots are taken by Africans and Indians…and aforementioned Ukrainian man has to tough it out as his wife leaves him to rampantly fornicate with some rich Westerner…meanwhile statistically this same Ukrainian fighter will be wounded within the first three engagements…and somehow it is still "his” country.


When your Government gives Educational and Professional opportunities to Foreigners? When your Women abandon you to rut with some Westerner for money? When your Leaders send you against a massively overpowering force meaning you will almost immediately be grievously wounded or killed?

And somehow you believe this is "your” country because someone in a suit in Washington said so?

(Diversocrats please note: While I am sure your licentiousness permits of such immorality, some would extend permits to such aggrieved Ukrainian men in a more tangible form…like Hunting Licenses.)

Ukraine After the Fight — Much Worse

Which brings us to what might be anticipated following the conflagration.

No one can say with any certainly how many have left Ukraine. The most consistent totals appear to be 6 Million have fled abroad with another 6 Million internally displaced. Who will know for sure?

Assuming these are generally accurate, means of Pre-Conflict 43 Million we are left with at best 36 Million and more likely around 33 Million or even 30 Million inhabitants.

Yet as with anything in Ukraine…everything always become worse!

Reason being, many of those who departed were women and children under the age of 30 and most of those who remained were the infirm and elderly over 30 years of age.

That means you have reduced and inferior social capital with which to remake your body politic.

Fortunately (for them, the West) and Unfortunately (for you, the Ukrainian) there is a plan in place.

Poland appears to want to achieve their age-old dream of sea-to-sea horizons. For a century has been a plot to expand its territory from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea. And whose land do you think will be constituting that territorial expansion? Of course, Poland isn't the only usurper in the Great Scramble.

The West, notably the United States, will be on-site to "Rebuild Ukraine” but if you believe that means architecture and infrastructure you are in for a rude awakening, Ukrainian Veteran.

When planners and plotters in The West say "rebuild” they mean replace; and what they are replacing will be yourself.

Before you know it you'll be witness to all the Ukrainian women who are still in the nation going with African and Indian and Asian immigrants who are — naturally — only there "seeking a better life”.

It will be your life, as it always is for victims of the Neo-Liberalization Project.

(Diversocrats please note: Go to hell.)

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Author`s name Guy Somerset
Editor Dmitry Sudakov