A Student of History…and of Ukrainian Grifters

We really need to create another word for Student.

That is, we all know what a Student purportedly is…but what is a Student in reality?

Most matriculants at University these days are not there to learn. At best, they’re attending to get a better job rather than a better understanding of the world. At worst, they’re attending because they think they’re supposed to be there.

Few ever question anything, as that might interfere with receiving a high mark for the workplace.

It’s something…but it isn’t Education.

Did I Ever Tell You About the Time…

Here we go again…but you’ll learn something…at least if you’re something more than a Student.

Back in my own University days I had an allegedly very bad habit of ignoring the assigned texts, whereas a good hobby of tracking down obscure tomes. Doubtless you surmise, my marks were…less than stellar.

The consequence of this came in the form of a conversation towards the end of my scholastic career during which a preternaturally stern Political Science professor reviewed my output, took a scathingly hard look at myself, and slowly – almost interminably – uttered to his own disbelief…

“You deserve a D…but I’m giving you a B-…and I may never know why I did it…”

Unearned Angels

A moral of this little story is sometimes when you help a person out he repays you by making you immortal in an article on one of the premier websites in the entire world.

Of course, other times what you get is a grubby fist reaching into your coat to grab even more goodies.

Sadly the antithesis of my charming tale is the bedtime terror-story which is Smugly McSenile (AKA Joe Biden) and his goodtime chum Commander Cosplay (AKA Mr. Dingy Fatigues hailing from Corrupt Kiev).

What’s Another $24 Billion between Tyrants…

An additional distinction between Yours Truly and Commander Cosplay is when someone does me a favor – I remember, I reciprocate, I repay.

The Kiev Cabal only ever wants more.

To date these United States have given – not loaned, but given – the Ukraine approximately $113 Billion in various forms of aid.

Controlled Media attempts to confuse The Voters by frequently breaking this down into components…which is the reason they will tell you only $60 Billion has been siphoned off for Defense…or that only $43 Billion has been hustled out of the treasury for Security Assistance…and but only $18 Billion for Intelligence…etc.

It is the reason every time you hear of more American Taxpayer money being sent abroad to Ukraine the sums spent always seem to be going down!

With each increasing allocation the Controlled Media and Biden Administration further compartmentalize the allotments to make them appear smaller.

But no, the real, admitted total is over $113 Billion for Ukraine.

Hey, Don’t Complain, Since All Americans Are Beverly Hills Billionaires Anyway!

Now comes word Smugly McSenile is apparently as high on crack as his coke-addled progeny.

Smugly is scrounging another $24 Billion for the Kiev Cabal prior end of this fiscal year.

At the same time Smugly – smiling his detestable grin all the while – asked for $12 Billion for American Disaster Relief.

Read that again, American Taxpayer.

The American President wants to spend $24 Billion on Ukraine…which, for those who have forgotten, is a country not America…while at the same time wants to spend $12 Billion on American Disaster Relief.

Repeat…for those poor at Maths…Joe Biden, President of America, wants to spend ONE HALF the amount given to him by American Taxpayers on AMERICANS…while at the same time spending TWO TIMES the amount granted to him by American Taxpayers on UKRAINIANS.

Literally – absolutely in astounding contrast – Joe Biden considers Ukrainians to be TWO TIMES as important as American Citizens.


Hawaii is on fire. Homelessness rampant in every state capital. Border totally undefended from Invaders.

And Smugly is sending your hard-earned money to another country…

There’s Always Another Pocket to Pick

If there is anything worse than the utter contempt in which the American President holds the American People…it is the insufferable answers he gives as his rationale.

To wit, John Kirby, spokesman at the National Security Council laughably claimed:

“For people that might be concerned that the costs financially are getting too high, we would ask them to consider what those costs – not just in treasure but in blood, perhaps even American blood – could be if Putin subjugates Ukraine and then sets his sights on our NATO allies, because we obviously have a security commitment to protect our NATO allies. This is a fight that’s much bigger than just about Ukraine’s sovereignty.”

Okay…okay…okay…Here’s the thing…Before Smugly and his lacky Kirby send our money overseas they need to explain some incidentals. Most importantly the following, either:

  1. Russia is an incompetent and weak country on the verge of being defeated by Ukrainians - despite Kiev having a smaller military, inferior economy and losing a third of the weapons recently sent with no tangible gains to show for that immense sacrifice…,or,
  2. Russia is any minute going to crush the Ukrainians in the Donbass - before marching on Poland, followed by Lithuania, an action leading undoubtedly to NATO involvement and a Third World War.

So if it is the first of these, why didn’t the previous $113 Billion in American money crush these supposedly inept evil Russians and how precisely will an additional $24 Billion accomplish that goal?

Yet if it is the second of these, then how do you explain the fact Russia has been in a military conflict with Ukraine over a year which hasn’t expanded beyond a narrow strip of land, but will…somehow suddenly emerge to occupy half of Europe?

It’s either, or…Either there is no reason to waste more money against imminently defeated Russians, or, no amount of money could help defend against Russians who are imminently conquering Europe.

Except, it’s a trick question…because as American Taxpayers it’s none of our business. America is our business. Over half of Americans in a recent poll agree To Quit Funding For Ukraine…meanwhile the other half of Americans were too busy working their third job to take the opinion poll.

And no matter what we have stolen from Us to send to Them…the Kiev Cabal always wants more.

Ungrateful Ukrainians can have our sympathy, Ungrateful Ukrainians can’t have more of our money.

Lessons Learned

You may recall at the beginning of this piece I mentioned my old extraordinarily gruff educator who kindly ensured I was not the public disgrace which my grades would indicate?

You may also remember I casually mused on my penchant for reading books which I believed important while neglecting those I was supposed to review?

You may be surprised to learn one of those was a book by the professor himself who had on a single occasion mentioned he had written a Political Science tome that had sold approximately a hundred copies.

Well I was listening to him, as opposed to taking notes for some test. I found, with effort, one of those printed scarcities. Later I cited his own work in a final examination without otherwise alerting our instructor to the fact.

Children – this is the difference between a student doing what he is told…and whatever I was and then became. Also it’s a contrast between a grifter and an ally.

Hopefully, the good will of my administrator was proved out…as wherever he is, he will now know.

Guy Somerset writes from somewhere in America

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Author`s name Guy Somerset