Crazy Kennedy Conspiracy Beliefs — The Scientific Method, Actuarial Tables and Prayer


True Story: While recently evading reality in what is among the most affluent communities in America your Faithful Correspondent went about town in an "RFK, Jr. 2024” shirt he had specially made to order.


A few death stares (Turning Point was in town), many flirtatious smiles from the ladies, as well as random stops by new friends I didn't know I had.

The most memorable interaction?

Mature but not elderly man, neatly but casually dressed, amiable but concerned smile, "Do you really think he can do it?”

Reply, "He can if we all do our part.”

Denouement, "Oh Lord, I hope so…”

The Typical American — Sick of Lies, Sick of Corruption, Sick of Media

Important to note is my conversation took place in the midst of The Bidengeddon; which can easily be described as the most devious smear campaign since John Huntsman "allegedly” ran anti-Asian commercials against himself to undermine fellow candidate Ron Paul in the 2012 Republican Primary.

(Yes, some of us still remember your vile dishonor, Johnny.)

In this instance hair-sniffer, granddaughter-denier, and coke-dad Smugly McSenile (AKA Joe Biden) commanded his forces in the Controlled Press to attack Robert Kennedy, Jr. with every outlandish hoax they could muster.

And boy…when a fraudster like Smugly McSenile gets on the case there are some real whoppers!

Evidence One — Crazy Kennedy Believes In…The Scientific Method?

During an interview in New York the candidate mentioned curiosities in the way COVID spread among various communities.

Kennedy stated according to several academic studies various races suffered disproportionately during the COVID Crisis — and in fact, do exist multiple peer-reviewed scientific papers showing this result.

Except the Controlled Media sources all claimed Kennedy intimated COVID was "bioengineered” for or against specific groups…which the man never said. Kennedy only said some suffered more than others.

(Oddly, in reports by ABC, NBC and others few mentioned where the original Kennedy comments were made…almost as if they preferred American Voters not accidentally stumble on the source and discover gross Controlled Media misrepresentation.)

Most infuriating — aside from the lies and the probability Biden was behind them — is even if one discounts the studies on COVID, we know absolutely some illnesses effect some races more than others.

Joe Biden Is Killing Blacks — The Sickle Cell Anemia Agenda

Ever heard of Sickle Cell Anemia?

If you're Black, I can guarantee you have. That's because Sickle Cell Anemia hits 1 of every 365 Blacks in America while only smacking 1 out of every 16,500 Hispanics in America.

So am I racist for knowing this fact? What if I'm Black? Still racist then? Is medicine racist for observing this truth? Are we not to offer treatment for a disease based on objective evidence?

Because noting disparity in Sickle Cell Disease is no different than observing disparity in COVID cases.

This is commonly known as The Scientific Method; a staple of the Western world for the past thousand years — We view cumulative data, we assess those facts, we apply them in a way efficacious to humans.

And now Smugly McSenile and his Media Minions are telling we aren't supposed to do that any more?

Does Joe Biden hate Black people as much as he hates Robert Kennedy? Why does Joe Biden want Black people to suffer? Is there a reason for the Anti-Science and Anti-Black racism Joe Biden espouses which will undoubtedly lead to increased deaths of Blacks from Sickle Cell Anemia? We need to know.

Frankly, if Smugly is now encouraging government scientists to target Blacks for extermination based on ignoring them or denying them care for Sickle Cell Anemia he should clearly state it as a goal of his Presidential Platform rather than trying to sneak it in by way of Controlled Media manipulation.

I, for one, vehemently oppose the Joe Biden Anti-Black Pro-Sickle Cell Agenda.

Evidence Two — Crazy Kennedy Believes in…Actuarial Tables?

If you drive a car in America it is the law you must have insurance.

There are no exceptions.

Yet how much this insurance will cost you varies widely. Why?

Because of actuarial tables, which are detailed calculations of the way in which various groups drive and the probability they will have an accident.

Such figures are tabulated based on a variety of factors which include every protected class you can possibly think of — including age and sex and everything in between.

These data are gathered not only for car insurance but every other kind of insurance as well because it is a billion dollar industry and the sole way to profit is by assessing statistical probabilities.

COVID Injections and COVID Consequences — We Now Have The Receipts

In addition to the outright lies about what Kennedy did or did not say are the manifest falsehoods. That is when our Corporate Overlords latch onto something the man utters (or often only what they infer) and then try to stretch those words into an entirely different claim.

Let's be clear — Robert Kennedy is NOT against vaccines. He never said he was against them because he never was against them.

Alas, like many of us Kennedy seems to have known at least one perfectly healthy young person who took the Abortion Vaccine for COVID and afterward "died suddenly”.

This is not a phenomenon unique to RFK, Jr. — millions had that unenviable experience.

We did not and do not believe there was "nano-technology” or "nefarious 5G” implications involved.

We do believe that the validation process was rushed, that there was no long-term testing as has been done with every other drug in the history of modern medicine and as a result there may have been widespread side-effects of an unknown scope. (Looking at you, Bronny James.)

Indeed, it is a verified fact more of those who took the Abortion Injection died of COVID than of those who refused to insert it into their bloodstream.

That isn't a Conspiracy Theory. That's Scientific Reality.

And it's all verifiable in actuarial tables compiled by the Insurance industry spanning the globe.

Evidence Three — Crazy Kennedy Believes in…A Higher Power?

Over across the pond at an Outhouse Supplement otherwise known as The Guardian newspaper (sic) is a visage you should each see if for no other reason than to brighten your day.

After all, your very existence would have to be heightened merely by the realization you did not have the misfortune to be born Arwa Mahdawi (AKA Sallow Mugwump).

To see her is to say…Yeah, exactly as I expected her to look.

Mugwump is displeased with the whole wide world (which, psychologically, would indicate she is mostly displeased with herself) and this generally would be fine…I mean, there are self-pitying wallowers everywhere.

The issue arises when such woe begotten complainers unabashedly distort reality.

There are Liars and Then There are Mugwumps

In this instance was an article (sic) in The Guardian newspaper (double sic) published on June 6, 2023, (D-Day…coincidence?) that Kennedy likes to "talk to dead people”.

While dear Sallow drones on for the better part of way too many words she eventually reaches her point…RFK, Jr. prays.

That's right.

Evidently, the "dead people” to whom Kennedy addresses himself are, as he admits himself, "Prayers for strength and wisdom”.

In this activity Robert is in accord with the vast majority of the global population, to say nothing of Americans. Indeed, a full 90% of United States Citizens believe in a Higher Power of some kind.

Of course, if you are a disaffectedly listless personage of dubious abilities I suppose such malignant distortions are the norm…but really, Sallow, this is the best you can do? The man…Prays?

Even if Mugwump fervently believes an overwhelming segment of humanity is completely delusional, I'm pretty sure having something intimately in common with 90% of Voters is never a bad thing.

The only question some might ask here is whether the checks come straight from Biden himself or the Democratic National Committee…allegedly.

Everybody Hates Crazy Kennedy Except…

Still these Biden-backed Controlled Media claims abound.

They become increasingly delusional with each passing week.

More outlandish lies are told. More disrespect is shown the American People by the Controlled Press who consider us their Cattle. More ridiculous claims which only belie that Smugly McSenile is well on his way out to the Old Folks' Home.

As for despicable cretins such as Sallow Mugwump…Does it matter? Obviously her very existence is already a torment to her. Otherwise she and her ilk would have ethical qualms about their smears.

Lamentably, and in all honesty, it's probably true that some soft-headed weaklings will fall for such nonsense. There are those who still think the Controlled Media is for The People rather than against them. Mercifully such well-intended but hopeless innocents are today in the minority.

That being said we can expect the Biden Machine and its Controlled Media partisans to only increase the hysteria between now and the Democratic Primary schedule. They will spin their grandiose prevarications and reassure themselves that RFK, Jr. isn't a threat and isn't getting any traction at all.

To them everything is obvious — Smugly should win because Smugly should win.

Yep, it's pretty clear everybody hates Robert Kennedy, Jr.

That is, everybody other than the steadily insurmountable tide of American Voters of both parties who want honesty, integrity and fair play to return to Washington.

In spite of the corrupt politicians and the prevaricating scribblers — We Are Ready To Do Our Part.

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Author`s name Guy Somerset
Editor Dmitry Sudakov