Kamala Harris or Michelle Obama: Who will come to power after Biden?

Kamala Harris or Michelle Obama: Who will come to power in US after Biden?


Do Biden's mental problems affect the policy of the United States? Is it true that it is state institutions, but not the president that govern America? Who is going to come to power after Biden? Pravda.Ru editor-in-chief Inna Novikova asked these and other questions to Oleg Barabanov - a historian, political scientist, program director of Valdai international discussion club and MGIMO professor. 

"Joe Biden has been demonstrating progressive symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer's lately. To what extent do health problems affect the US foreign policy?"

"They do, of course. First off, they tarnish Biden's image. Secondly, they aggravate the political struggle inside the United States. Donald Trump, for instance, tries to use Biden's health issues to his own advantage. Robert Kennedy, who plans to run against Biden in the presidential election, is also using them.

"Our liberal friends usually say that there are institutions working in the USA. In other words, even  a clinical moron like George W. Bush can be elected president in the States. After the 9/11 attacks, the USA had to experience the following:

  • Afghanistan,
  • Iraq,
  • NATO's second enlargement,
  • pragmatism with Putin,
  • transit facility in Ulyanovsk.

"All that was an accomplishment of Bush the idiot and the established machine of American institutional arrangements. Institutions are working, the CIA and the State Department are doing something, the Treasury is imposing sanctions.

"The president is unwell, this is obvious, but at least he keeps his administration in shape, and we do not see such obvious sabotage there as was the case in the Trump administration. However, it is this particular detail that gives more freedom of action to those institutions. More freedom means more political irresponsibility.

"When a decision is made in the depths of the State Department, the CIA, at a lobbying dinner with the Ukrainian ambassador and so on and so forth, it is easier to do that with a sick and unaccountable president in the office. 

"The machine of the American state monster starts shaking, but it is not tumbling down. In 2020, when Trump was in power, the situation was different. His own administration sabotaged him, there were civil protests and the BLM. Today everything is quiet. Only a year is left before the presidential election in the USA, and it does not look like Biden is going to get better. They may advertise this topic before the elections. The alignment of forces and the effectiveness of the American machine will then depend on the assertiveness of Biden's opponents both inside and outside the Democratic Party."

"If Biden does not make it to the final, will the vice president take over?"

"Yes, Vice President Kamala Harris. It is clear how she appeared next to Biden - it was gender and racial factors that played the key role. It is strange for me to see Kamala Harris coming across as a stupid woman, because she comes from a very good Indian family on her mother's side. She received a good education in America. By the way, many in the West consider her statements idiotic.

"Against this background, we can see Michelle Obama being promoted for Democratic presidency in the 2024 election. Hillary could run, why can't Michelle? Michelle Obama closes both gender and racial issues that are significant for politically correct America. Absolutely everyone knows Michelle Obama. Her image is generally neutral, it is not notorious at all."

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Author`s name Inna Novikova
Editor Dmitry Sudakov