Ethnic Enclaves: The Fulcrum of Imperium


Old Joke – A man walks into his doctor’s office, raises a leg and says, “Hey Doc, it hurts when I do this.” Doctor replies, “Then don’t do that!”

Sometimes it seems when dealing with ethnic strife the entire world enacts this laugh on tedious redux.

Frankly, it gives an intelligent observer reflux.

Preventing interethnic conflicts - with all their attendant heartache, misery, and suffering - would seem the easiest thing possible in an Era of Realpolitik.

Unless, of course, strife were the intended outcome of interactions rather than an object to be avoided…

Brevity of History – A Tale of Two Indians

There is a tried-and-true method to the mayhem of oppressing populations; essentially use one half of them against the other…Divide-to-Conquer.

In ideal situations of both physical as well as psychological control, to force a subject majority to submit to minority leadership.

American Taming of a Frontier

The whole tale of North America is one narrative of various dominant parties using factions to do their bidding – they didn’t call them the French AND INDIAN Wars for nothing.

Of course, Indians (Native American version) did the exact same before anyone knew what a White Man was or that they even existed.

British Capture of a Subcontinent

When Brits took charge of India the first task they went about doing was hiring some Indians to fight other Indians. This wasn’t a particularly onerous undertaking since Indians had been infighting for ages.

Be that as it may, this new strategy permitted a miniscule British military – and later bureaucracy – to flourish even when vastly outnumbered by those they administered.

Thus, our truncated jaunt down Memory Lane illustrates the way in which domination is effectuated as projection of authority – centralized “multi-cultural” abrasion often instigated from afar.

An Old Trick by some Older Dogs

This brings us to relatively contemporary times and, mercifully, the abused populations of the world have caught on to those insidious mechanisms of control and – er…ohhh….

India, Pakistan, Kashmir – No, Not the Sweater

About every twenty years the world is distracted for a few months by unrest in Kashmir. That is a border region between India and Pakistan. It has been an on-going irritant since the British shoved off in 1947.

How did the fun times commence? Well, back around the hour of English departure when all the maps were being drawn Kashmir posed a ticklish dilemma – it had a Muslim majority, but a Hindu ruler. Would it go with Muslim Pakistan or side with Hindu India?

The reigning Prince chose to pause until things cooled down…it would be a lengthy wait.

Originally came a “standstill” agreement which maintained essential services by way of Pakistan. This was widely – likely correctly – viewed as a delaying tactic until the Maharaja could figure out how to link with India. Consequently, Pakistani tribesmen invaded. Subsequently, the Prince called India for rescue.

British Governor-General of India Lord Mountbatten suggested Kashmir join India on a temporary basis before a ballot on final disposition. This was done and the Indian military occupied half of Kashmir, Pakistan took the north and China grabbed a little bit in the 1950s (except no one tangles with them).

Exacerbating matters was Pakistan then – and now – claims the Indians arrived before legal documentation was signed, making the occupation unlawful without a public vote on allegiance.

Large battles and small wars have been waged between the nations in 1947-1948 as well as 1965. More fighting erupted in 1999 and 2002. It won’t be the last.

Needless to say, this is a Divide-to-Conquer powerplay which has its flames fanned whenever deemed expedient by certain global operators.

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Nagorno-Karabakh – Not Pronounced Shish-Ka-Bob

Central Asia next takes the stage as we review that post-Soviet trauma which is Nagorno-Karabakh.

It is a mountainous region in the lower Caucasus lying between Armenia and Azerbaijan. There are around 200,000 inhabitants of which 150,000 identify to be Armenian and 50,000 Azerbaijani…only there were 800,000 total prior to some rather fierce unpleasantness of late.

Back in 1921-1924 Stalin decided (see, it isn’t only Western Powers who are proverbial bad guys!) a humdinger of a plan would be to have a 95% Armenian majority region administered by Azerbaijan. While the area had autonomous status…come on…we all know it was more Divide-to-Conquer plotting.

By 1988 the region sought to reunite with Armenia, which led to ethnic cleansing and pogroms, resulting in a 1991 referendum which saw 99% of residents in favor of Independence, instigating invasion by Azerbaijan.

Good times were had by none.

When a truce was signed in 1994 over 25,000 people were dead and over a million others displaced but the majority-Armenian state was left de facto in the custody of…Armenia.

Of course, that wasn’t the end of things and a second Nagorno-Karabakh War broke out in 2020 when Azerbaijan forced an issue many hoped was settled with a surprise attack; capturing sizeable territory.

During the six-week conflict it is estimated 3,000 Azerbaijani and 4,000 Armenian personnel were killed.

In a Russian-brokered settlement Armenia agreed to cede the occupied territories outside the historic Nagorno-Karabakh delineation. Peacekeepers sent by Moscow were supposed to maintain the Lachin Corridor which linked Armenia with Nagorno-Karabakh yet have been severely criticized in this project.

More rows erupted in 2022 with each principal combatant losing approximately 50 soldiers.

Three weeks ago the Prime Minister of Armenia appeared to accept the entire Nagorno-Karabakh be given to Azerbaijan.

Whatever is the intermediate status, an area slugging it out for the past century is unlikely to find peace so long as a majority-ethnic population is ruled by a hostile minority-ethnic administration.

In a sick turn of phrase, Karabakh in Russian means “Black Garden”. Indeed.

Serbia, Kosovo, Albania – Another Stunning Victory for George Bush

Our final venue for this World Tour, aptly titled The Misery of Multi-Culturalism, takes us to the Continent.

In 2008 the nation of Kosovo was founded as a majority-Muslim country in Europe.

Despite what Controlled Media tells you, this was done largely due to the “War on Terror” then conducted by George Bush and his cronies. A pervasive belief existed that the United States was engaged in a crusade against Muslims and to counter this perception America whipped up Kosovo.

Of course, there was also the consideration ye olden Divide-to-Conquer stratagem might be useful to have ready for a rainy day. (Psst! It’s pouring!)

As per the Conventional Timeline, following prolonged Balkan Wars of the 1990s direct talks instigated by NATO and the United Nations began in 2003 with the aim of solving division of the former Yugoslavia.

Between 5% and 8% of the population of Kosovo is ethnic Serbian, largely concentrated in a few locales. Most residents of these areas refuse to recognize authority of the Kosovar government and many municipalities conduct themselves as if administered by Serbia; down to even automobile license plates.

Recent elections held in ethnically Serbian areas of Kosovo were boycotted by Serbs with result mayoral offices were seized by Kosovars. Making a tense situation a volatile powerkeg these Kosovars behaved with all the aplomb of drunken surgeons…having predictable results of riots and unrest.

The Americans eventually knocked some sense into the Washington-Controlled Kosovars but the damage was done; ethnic-Serbs are angry, NATO is involved, and Belgrade politicians are resigning.

Currently it is impossible to say what may be the eventual outcome, but the violence is far from finished.

Personal notation: Even knowing the history of the Serbian “situation” over the past 40 years it has always been my contention the real cause of the Yugoslavia conflagration has been…Nikola Tesla.

Hence is a sneaking suspicion those dark powers which rule this earth are determined to do everything practicable to ensure the population of Serbs remains as low as possible…lest another Tesla be born.

(Confession: I’ve often been tempted to get a Serbian cutie pregnant merely on the basis of positive eugenics alone…after all, eventually someone hits the lottery…so why not give it a high-IQ Serb shot?)

Injecting Disharmony into Homogenous Communities

We could go on…remember the Kurds of Iraq and Iran? They were all the rage back in the day, generally hitting the Controlled Media news cycle whenever there was anything doing with the Middle East.

Time and again those poor fools were promised “backing,” “support,” or even “liberation”.

Yet whenever time came to do actual breaking of bonds Puppet Masters on the Potomac determined the Kurds were more valuable as pawns than as People.

Thus, no independent state was ever forthcoming nor shall it ever be constituted under present conditions…the Divide-to-Conquer machinations brook no dignity of Mankind.

…and Finally

Never let it be said your Correspondent leaves his readers on a bad note…er, well, at least not without something to think about…

Final Joke – Man walks into a psychiatrist’s office and says, “Doctor, I have no purpose in life. Nothing makes me happy. There is not reason to carry on.” Whereupon the psychiatrist nods his head with a grin replying, “Nonsense! I hear the famous clown Pagliacci is in town this evening. Go and enjoy his performance to regain your optimism!”

As the man stares away in sorrow he answers, “But Doctor, I am Pagliacci.”

Guy Somerset writes from somewhere in America

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Author`s name Guy Somerset
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