No One Is Above The Law…EXCEPT…


"Success has many fathers, while failure is an orphan”…so said John Kennedy…when repeating the son-in-law of Mussolini, Count Galeazzo Ciano (but you aren't supposed to know the last part…)

Be that as it may, everyone and their brother with a gimpy step leading to a lean on their left side has come out of the woodwork to gloat over the incitements — current and future — of Donald Trump.

Even if each of these juvenile intellects had their own spin on the incident, there was one thing all had in common…the Talking Point (almost assuredly sent them in advance)…

"No One Is Above The Law!”

(Even if not grammatically correct, every word must be capitalized to capture the full effect of insufferably obnoxious sanctimony).

Aside from being a sophomoric figure of speech, it also has the detriment of being wholly untrue.

Let's review a litany of recent — mostly unpunished — behavior spanning larcenous to licentious, shall we?

Political Non-Prisoners

Joseph Biden — Child Molestation?

Surely everyone has heard of Hunter's laptop…but how many of you are aware of Ashley's diary?

One reason may be due the fact Hunter and his father making shady deals is despicable, but allegations of Ashley being inappropriately touched by her papa is debilitating.

Even if we give Biden benefit of the doubt regarding his rollcall of dubious behavior, the diary of his daughter which alleges he took showers with her as a grown man could be disqualifying from office.

Particularly when it states in her own writing she felt sexually uncomfortable about such encounters.

Would her testimony not lend credence to other unseemly incidents?

Only guess what…concerning the diary, Biden wasn't arrested…but the journalist who got hold of the diary was brought in.

No joke.

Police did not arrest the man mentioned in a diary regarding what anyone would plausibly consider sexually inappropriate behavior with a minor, and instead harassed the man who publicized documents about such events.

So take that for what it's worth.

Results of this…cover-up by Controlled Media, blanket denial by the Bidens, no criminal charges at all.

Nancy Pelosi — Insider Trading?

Nancy and her family have been trading stocks and making bank. Oddly, many of these investments include companies with legislation at the time appearing before the House of Representatives. Strangely, she and close associates near universally made money from the trades and barely lost a dime.

Allegations were this was obviously Insider Trading; i. e. cheating the system and legitimate investors.

Results were…absolutely nothing at all, media ridicule and willful ignorance, no one went to jail.

Pete Buttigieg — Gross Mismanagement?

You may have noticed we've had a spate of train derailments across the land lately. Many have been with cars carrying industrial-grade toxins. Often they spilled right in the lap of rural communities.

Allegations were in a First World Country such habitual accidents could only be result of negligence.

When the spill in Ohio happened, from which an entire town had to be evacuated, and due to which even CDC workers sent to investigate have become ill, Pete didn't bother to so much as visit the place for several weeks.

Likewise, is the little fact that train did not explode — it was government decision to burn the chemicals.

Results were…you got it right! Nada, nothing, nil. Just a bunch of poor people with ruined lives.

Business Un-Convicts

Elizabeth Holmes — Public Deceit?

She was Founder of Theranos which was a sham company with a system purportedly able to test for all manner of sickness. Only problem? The machine didn't work.

Actually, there was another problem…Holmes and her cohorts knew it didn't work…but claimed otherwise.

Allegations were thousands and perhaps tens of thousands and maybe hundreds of thousands of people who trusted this fake device got sick or sicker because their illnesses went untreated and some died.

Result….Holmes was feted as a Girl Boss Genius, on the cover of Forbes magazine, made as much as $4.5 Billion before her chicanery was revealed. She was sentenced to a paltry 11 years in prison…which will likely be reduced to half that time served…which, if you are keeping count, is less than a death sentence.

Eli Lilly CEO — Intentional Harm?

Eli Lilly is one of the Big Three in the Insulin Cartel which keeps prices high around the world.

Eli Lilly did not invent Insulin. Eli Lilly had a patent which, by rights, should have fallen into the public domain 100 years ago. Eli Lilly relentlessly files lawsuits to protect their false claims to ownership.

Eli Lilly charges around $25 a month for the cheapest version…which it costs less than $7 to make.

Eli Lilly — again — did not invent Insulin. That was Eric Banting. Of Canada. Over 100 years ago.

Allegations are Eli Lilly is a monstrous corporation which is intentionally extorting patients for profit.

Result….amid rising fury Eli Lilly has tried to Public Relations-mitigate away their crimes, but no one has ever gone to jail despite Insulin Rationing being a Global Issue with hordes of bodies in its wake.

Twitter Execs — Political Exploitation?

Wow, this is becoming tiresome…and disheartening…and we're truncating things…

Twitter intentionally hid countless stories in the public interest including the Hunter Biden laptop and Vaccine efficacy.

Allegations were Twitter Execs behaved in a wholly political manner while holding themselves forth as guardians of Public Inquiry. Moreover, they availed themselves of legal protections which otherwise would be null and void were it proved — as it essentially has been by Elon Musk — that aforementioned Twitter Executives were intentionally deceiving Citizens for politically partisan reasons.

Results…while according to multiple polls of voters these actions possibly swung the 2020 election no one was ever indicted for anything.

Sackler Family — Mass Murder?

The Sackler Family-owned Purdue Pharma which made Oxycontin.

These Sackler Family members as well as Purdue Executives knew for approximately two decades Oxycontin was incredibly addictive…also being aware corrupt physicians were prescribing the drug without medical justification…furthermore that these Sackler Family criminals hid this knowledge because it was making them billions.

Allegations are that the 200,000 dead from Opiod Addition and tens of millions of other lives destroyed can be legitimately laid at the Sackler Family, their corrupt business practices and callous disregard for the Christian inhabitants of this country.

Results…the Sackler Clan eventually had to give up their company and a little of their money…and none were imprisoned because of Immunity Agreements so sweet they would give Willy Wonka a pain.

Cases Closed…At Least Until Final Judgment

Some would say the reason these parties escaped the just punishment they deserve is due to wealth.

Unfortunately, the reality is far more nuanced.

Good men are in prison for speaking truth to power or conducting themselves in righteous ways even with financial means. At the same time, many who are wanting and follow the "unwritten rules” of society get away with figurative and even explicit murder.

Everyone else not at these extremes knows what we are allowed to say and what we are not allowed to say.

If you support the right "thinking” you can molest children, rape women, take drugs, marry strippers, cheat financially, poison indigents, swindle the sick and all the while promote your "brand” as a lifestyle influencer or political candidate.

It's pathetic and vile and corrupt and venomous.

And while these cretins — may — escape their righteous reckoning on this earth, have no doubt there is another judgement waiting for them in the hereafter.

That is one reason such figures all live life in frantic dissipation…because they too know what awaits.

Before which they tremble.

For many are above the Law yet none are above Justice.

Guy Somerset writes from somewhere in America

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Author`s name Guy Somerset
Editor Dmitry Sudakov