American-Made Mayhem for the World Courtesy of Kiev


Last year CBS News “partially redacted” (i.e. CENSORED) an unbiased documentary titled “Arming Ukraine” which highlighted the fact that weapons pouring into Ukraine had virtually no oversight whatsoever.

Indeed, during a segment witnessed by this author before the scrubbing a figure in disguise stated words to the effect, “No one knows where all these weapons are going.”

Well, we know now.

American-Made for Ukraine Rocket Launchers in Mexico

In the past month some of the armaments which have been denoted for the Kiev Cabal have shown up in as far-flung places as the Narco-Controlled Regions of Mexico. (Hint: That’s more or less everywhere not a major city…and occasionally even in those resort-laden locales.)

Needless to say, according to the Controlled Media in America only “Haters,” “Isolationists,” and “Russian Shills” would have any qualms about our totally undefended border with Mexico – across which at least 10,000 Illegal Invaders break into the United States a day – being an access juncture for…rocket-propelled grenades.

Does anyone bother to inquire whether any of the 10,000-a-day-Invaders are terrorists? Or if perchance some of the 10,000-a-day-Infiltrators who “just want a better life” might be inclined to take yours? Someone (besides myself) asking why the 10,000-a-day-Interlopers who could be packing projectiles are allowed even while I get frisked by TSA and flooded with radiation by Skyscanners whenever I try to fly?

Probably all of that is “racist”…which is what you should tell yourself about fifteen minutes from now when some crazed drug-dealer begins shooting off “Mexican Fireworks” for the next Cinco de Mayo.

(Hey Somerset! You’re going too far! That could never happen in America – ohhhh….wait…)

Eventually our Media Masters scrambled to “correct the record” and claim – absurdly – that no, no, no reporters got it all wrong because a simple “mistranslation” occurred and none of the 10,000 Javelin launchers had ever made the Mexican border crossing going the other way.

Incidentally, for future reference, bear in mind any time the Controlled Media “debunks” something – that means in practical terms it is unequivocally true.

American-Made for Ukraine Armored Vehicles in Russia

When the “Russian” (by which I mean, Ukrainian pretending to be Russian) opposition made a daring raid into a sleepy village of peaceful civilians with absolutely no military significance, it came courtesy of American hardware.

Lest we gloss over the significance of the site in question…it was generally in Belgorod. That is a city of around 400,000 inhabitants but much of the “fighting” took place against residential areas and more particularly against peasants in surrounding villages.

The groups allegedly responsible are the Limpwrists of Russia Legion (aka Liberty of Russia Legion) and Russia Volunteer Cowards (aka Russia Volunteer Corps) – because you have to be the lowest sort of scum to attack a place of zero strategic importance, with ordinary people, and claim a “military” victory.

To his discredit, King Zelensky denied involvement but did not denounce the “raid” against the area. This, from the “hero” who claims that Kiev Military Headquarters is not a legitimate target for Russia.

Although one expects the worst sort of lies from the Kiev Cabal, it was a plummet even for them.

Some facts worth considering are the region is not one of those annexed by Russia but has always been a part of the country, that there was no apparent strategic purpose, its main victims were civilians…

Oh, and killers used American-Made Weapons.

The specific items were at least two Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles and “several” Humvees courtesy of the Taxpayers. (Cost to you? Only between $500,000 and $1,000,000 each MRAP and about $250,000 a Humvee…so quit complaining American…you’ve got that much in pocket change, don’t you?)

Basically right honorable figure, King Zelensky, gave repeated assurances not to drag America into his little conflict – and did the exact opposite.

Naturally, after a behind closed doors browbeating Commander Cosplay assured The West his army had no involvement in the “Battle Against Babushkas” and bizarrely stated the massive offensive weapons could be purchased anywhere on the Black Market…not seeming to realize THAT IS WORSE.

The only thing more dangerous to Americans than Ukrainians sucking us into their dispute is to have Ukrainians selling weapons Americans paid for to the highest bidder!

Instead of asking obvious follow-ups to such a baffling statement the Controlled Media shook their lapdog heads and went about business-as-usual cleaning up the mess of their Cocaine Cowboy idol.

Nothing to see here – literally, because any drug dealer, sex trafficker, bank robber, hit man, or goodness knows who else might very well kill any United States Citizen who bothers to query why on earth we allow this charade to continue.

American-Made for Ukraine Stinger Anti-Aircraft in Iran

Okay, let’s say you “hate” Russia, and Russians, and Dat Ebil Rapscallion Putin to boot. None of them have done anything to Americans, but let’s say you gobble up the Controlled Media pablum like cotton candy drizzled over a Thanksgiving Day turkey.

Except if that is your mindset, you likely feel a whole lot more antipathy towards Iran – you know, the folks who actually DO chant “Death to America! Death to America!” on a fairly regular basis.

So even if you support getting your fellow Americans tangled up in some nonsense which is none of our business how exactly does it sit with you that all the armaments you so deeply support are heading straight to Iran. (Again, those would be the “Death to America! Death to America!” chanters.)

For the record, no Russian has ever once been accused, much less convicted, of hijacking or blowing up an American airliner….the chanters in Iran?...well….

To date there have been far over 1,400 Stinger Anti-Aircraft missile systems off to Ukraine. Pentagon officials themselves privately admit a significant portion of those have thus far wound their way over to Iran. Whether sold on the Black Market by the Coke Cowboy Crew or captured and sent, does it matter?

The operative fact is proprietary American technology which is Top Secret is being shuttled to Iran; which, rightly or wrongly, most consider a direct adversary of American interests as opposed to a tertiary actor such as Russia.

Again – that’s American missile systems to Iran which has a history of blowing up American airliners.

Yet it is we “Isolationists” in the United States and Russians in the Donbass who are a threat? Brilliant.

American-Made Stupidity for The World

Let’s be clear…no one living in the Donbass affects the lives of everyday Americans. Not one of them.

A Soviet-Era border skirmish has no appreciable impact on your life today, tomorrow or ever in the future.

Vladimir Putin and “The Russians” – whatever you think of them – do not have the financial resources, the military resources, nor the demographic resources to conquer Lithuania, much less the United States.

Even so, the cost to the American Taxpayer for Ukraine has been nearly $80 Billion directly by largesse and in the Trillions indirectly by inflation as well as other costs. Most of this has been spent on weapons.

That is, on weapons with almost uniform unaccountability.

We not only don’t know where most of our money has gone, we don’t know where the things we are sure we spent it on may be – at least one report from the BBC states guns for Ukraine are as likely to arrive on the streets of the United Kingdom.

(By the way, where are the ubiquitous Gun Control advocacy groups when it comes to tanks and missiles?)

All which can be stated for certain is the Ukraine Weapons Train has stations in Mexico, Russia, Iran, possibly the United Kingdom and probably your local street corner eventually.

What could go wrong?

Guy Somerset writes from somewhere in America

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Author`s name Guy Somerset
Editor Dmitry Sudakov